WWE Commentator ‘Apologized’ To Booker T This Past Monday At Raw

Booker T was back behind the "WWE Raw" commentary table this past Monday in Houston, and the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer got more than just the ringside experience. In 2018, matters between Booker and Corey Graves seemed to have gotten heated after Booker was removed from his broadcast position at "Raw." Booker mentioned that Graves had something to do with it, and Graves seemingly backed that up. Booker said he would be happy to fight Graves if he ever found him on the street.


"You see that little bouffant hairdo he got? I'm going to rearrange it for him. Alright? I'm just saying ... Let me catch him at Starbucks. I'm-a tattoo him," Booker said on his 2018 "Heated Conversations" podcast.

Graves and Booker later revealed that the tension was all hyped up, and the two were just having fun with an angle. However, Booker revealed there was an apology amongst the fun this past Monday with Graves and the whole commentary trio.

"Of course, I'm the guy who brought the United States Championship to the WWE back in 2001 from WCW. It's only fitting as well as being here at home, man. I mean, it was cool," Booker said on this week's "Hall Of Fame" Podcast with Brad Gilmore. "I was just planning on going down there and hanging out with Kendrick, having some fun, bonding time, but it was so freaking cool, man, to actually be sitting at the table. Always said that's the best seat in the house. Good time, damn good time. Yeah, man.


"As well as Corey Graves, him and I, we go way back," Booker continued, referring back to their previous "heat." "Finally caught up with him and he finally apologized for that little riff we had back in the day. I didn't have to run up on him at Starbucks or anything like that. So yeah, man, as well as Jimmy Smith — cool hanging with Jimmy and Byron Saxton. I hope they don't be calling me to take Byron's spot (laughs)."

Gilmore asks Booker if he'd be up for sitting behind the booth again if he got the call.

"I'm not looking to get back to the table or anything like that, but I'm all about the check, man, and what I mean by that is I'm all about taking care of my family, so any income coming in, my kids are going to be the recipients, in the long run, man. I'm just gonna push myself to the limit, man, and if they were to ask me to come back to the table, I would go. But there again, man, working that 52-week a year schedule, it's a monster. It's a monster being in a different city every week.

"... I always say, 'I never have time for anything. I make time,'" he said. "So yeah, yeah. I'll get the work done."

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