Kevin Nash Comments On Vince McMahon's WWE Retirement

Vince McMahon broke the news via Twitter on Friday, July 22nd, that he would retire from all roles in WWE.

"To Vince McMahon personally, right now I'm sitting in my ocean front podcast studio, and my son and I will drive 1.6 miles down the beach to our ocean front home, and without you believing in me, I would have none of this," Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash said on his "Kliq This podcast." "I just wanted to personally say thank you and thank you for what you've done for our industry.

"I don't know what the f*ck you're going to do, man, but if you want to drink some f*cking red or white, I'll pick you up at the Bronco. You just got to fly your private sh*t down to Daytona, and I'll meet you."

In Vince's stepping down, new openings were opened for positions, and those openings were filled immediately. In June, Stephanie McMahon was named interim CEO and the first-ever Chairwoman of the Board for WWE after Vince had stepped down from those roles following the initial investigation of hush money being paid by Vince using company money to women he had inappropriate affairs with.

Stephanie would soon see herself in a permanent position as she and Nick Khan, the latter of which has been working with WWE backstage for a few years, became co-CEOs of the company on the same day of Vince's retirement.

That night on "Friday Night Smackdown," Stephanie made her way to the ring and cut a promo, leading the WWE Universe in a "thank you, Vince" chant. Stephanie is not the only member of the family to move up in the backstage side of WWE as her husband and Vince's son-in-law is currently over the creative aspects of WWE now, a role similar to that which he held while he was over the Black and Gold version of "NXT."

In 2015, Nash entered the WWE Hall of Fame for his accomplishments as a singles competitor in WWE, and in 2021, Nash was inducted yet again as part of the 2020 class with Hogan, Hall, and Sean Waltman as part of the NWO.

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