Impact Wrestling star Kiera Hogan has gotten candid about her experiences with being bullied and threatened for being gay.

“So growing up, I feel like in middle school when it first started, I saw girls differently than I felt like was “normal,” opened up Hogan to Thunder Rosa on her Taco Vlog. “I thought girls were beautiful more than friends, but not all of them. I was like ‘I feel like I’m looking at girls different.’”

Hogan said that she watched the reality show “A Shot of Tila Tequila” and was first exposed to bisexuality. She said that she connected with it and thought that she might have been bisexual. She continued on to say that while she was part of the dance team, she developed feelings for another girl and they started to date. She then stated that the two were caught with one another and subsequently outed to the rest of the school. The two were both kicked off of the dance team before her parent received a call about the whole situation.

“It was traumatizing. I got bullied about it and people wrote s—t on my locker,” said Hogan. “My mom pulled me out of school for a couple of weeks. I couldn’t go. I had to be picked up on the last day of middle school in eighth grade. I was scared I was going to get jumped. Girls used to leave threats on my voicemail, straight up in eighth grade. It was really sad.”

Hogan went on to say that while she dated girls throughout her high school years, she kept it a secret from everyone. She was scarred from her previous experiences in middle school and was afraid to come out. She said that she got with her ex, who was a man, after this and was with him for five years. She said that she eventually came to the point where she couldn’t deny who she was anymore and got honest about who she was. She told him what she wanted and said that while he didn’t understand, she was happy in the end because she could be her authentic self.

Hogan came out to the public in an Instagram post back in 2019. While she didn’t label herself back then, she described herself as “gay as f—k” while chatting with Rosa. She is currently in a relationship with fellow AEW star Diamanté.

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