Mick Foley On How He Thinks Heat Between Bret Hart And HBK Started

It is no secret to professional wrestling fans everywhere that Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart have had their issues on-screen and backstage. Now, fellow icon Mick Foley has shared his insight into what he believes led to the major issues between the two. Foley worked with Michaels in 1996 and is long-time friends with Hart.

"It's the 'Sunny Days' comment," said Foley while speaking on his show, "Foley Is Pod." "I was aware that there was a healthy competition there, and I think there should be. To me, it was like they were on eggshells."

Foley is referring to what Michaels said in a promo on the May 19, 1997 episode of "Raw" that implied Hart was having an affair with former Diva Sunny amid the Monday Night Wars. The two men had begun feuding with one another back in 1992. They had many matches against one another, battling for both the Intercontinental and WWF World Championship. Foley also alluded to the physical confrontation the two men had after they came to blows ahead of that year's Survivor Series.

Things would come to a head when the infamous Montreal Screwjob occurred at the event. Hart was frustrated with his booking and said he would jump ship to WCW. The only problem was that Hart was the reigning WWF Champion. Vince McMahon knew that Hart had to drop the title and didn't want to risk Hart not doing what needed to be done in his match with Shawn Michaels, so McMahon concocted a plan but didn't inform Hart. At the show, the match between the two would close when Michaels locked on Hart's trademark Sharpshooter, and McMahon called for the bell to be rung even though Hart hadn't tapped out.

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