Paige Comments On Possibly Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

The former Paige might not be in WWE anymore, but she has one goal remaining that she hasn't accomplished: The WWE Hall of Fame.

During a recent appearance on "The Bellas Podcast," host Nikki Bella brought up the possibility of Paige, now know as Saraya, being inducted into the Hall of Fame ahead of next year's WrestleMania in Los Angeles, noting that not only is the former WWE Divas Champion a wrestler, but technically has a connection to Hollywood, considering that WWE Films produced a movie about her life and her family, 2019's "Fighting With My Family."

"I set goals for myself when I got to WWE. I've done pretty much everything I wanted to do," Saraya reflected, "but like, I wanted to be in the Hall of Fame so bad." She calls it her "end goal."

"Not everyone gets to be in it, Saraya said. "Not a lot of women are in there. It would be huge. You have to make history to be in there." She went on to say that there are people that should probably go in before her, but she'd still like to be on the WWE's "radar" when Hall of Fame season rolls around.

According to Saraya and the Bellas, it tends to be the fans who argue for which wrestlers should be inducted before other wrestlers, with Nikki pointing out that, "That's not what they're looking at overall. It's like, what's impactful right now." Nonetheless, Bella can see Saraya going in the Hall of Fame at some point for that very reason, calling Saraya a "massive part of WWE history."

As it stands, there are only 22 women currently in the WWE Hall of Fame, and six of those are so called "Legacy" inductions who don't get the full Hall of Fame celebration treatment like the primary inductees — they are not announced ahead of time and their families are not notified. The Bella Twins themselves were inducted in 2020.

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