Ric Flair Battles With Wrestling Legend During WWC Event

For his "last match," Ric Flair would team with Andrade El Idolo to take on and defeat the team of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. The in-law duo would win the nearly thirty-minute bout after Flair could pick up the pin for his team. Not too long after his last match, Flair now seems to be getting involved in wrestling again, this time as a manager that isn't afraid to get physical during the matches.


WWC (World Wrestling Council) had its 49th Anniversary Show in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, this weekend. Fans saw Andrade El Idolo take on former WWE United States Champion Carlito for the main event. Andrade would have The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, in his corner, while Carlito would have Eddie Colon.

In the middle of the match, Flair would get involved and interfere to help Andrade, but that is when Eddie swooped in and made the save for his teammate. Flair cowered in fear of Eddie Colon; however, this would be one of Flair's tricks, as it led to him poking Eddie in the eyes.

When it seemed like Flair was outsmarting everyone with his dirty tactics, the legendary Carlos Colon came out to run off Flair. However, this didn't seem to work as Flair and Colon began to fight on the ramp. After some punches and a headbutt, Colon managed to fight Flair out of the ringside area and back to the locker rooms.


Andrade tried to take advantage of the distraction by hitting Carlito with a weapon. Though the referee caught him, Andrade didn't stop there. He kicked the referee below the bell, nearly causing a disqualification before Carlito got up and gave Andrade a backstabber. After debating what to do, the ref counted the three counts and gave Carlito the win via pinfall.