WWE Raw Results (08/01) – Undisputed Tag Team Match, # 1 Contenders Action For The US Title

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Here is what happened on the show tonight:

The show is coming to you live from Houston at the Toyota Center, with Corey Graves, Byron Saxton and Jimmy Smith on commentary. Becky Lynch's music hits and she comes to the ring with her arm in a sling. We head to a video of the match between Lynch and Belair for the "Raw" Women's Championship and the events that took place after it.

We hear from Becky Lynch

The crowd cheers Lynch on as she welcomes the audience to the Big Time. Lynch says she gives everything she does her all and she's happy to say that she finally remembered who she was at Summerslam. She says that it wasn't in the need for validation or fancy clothes, but rather grit, determination and owning up to her mistakes. Lynch confirms she separated her shoulder at Summerslam and says she had two choices: she could either give up or continue. She says that while the 20 minutes in the match was very painful, she says it wasn't as painful as facing who she had become. She says that she gave her match her best and she will not be defined by any man. She says that she defines the man and says she is starting a new era. She thanks Bianca Belair for pushing her throughout the past year and calls Belair to the ring.

Belair comes to the ring. She says Lynch didn't only define the man, but she is the man. The two shake hands and hug one another. Lynch tells Belair to hold down the fort and she exits the ring as the crowd cheers her on. Belair says that she has nothing but respect for Lynch and says that she hasn't forgot about all the times Lynch as betrayed her. She says she has never wanted to be handed anything and says Lynch made her work to keep her title. She says that being able to gain Lynch's respect means something and adds that she's learned a lot from her. Belair says she stays ready, including Bayley and her friends.

We go backstage to Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky attacking Lynch with a chair. Belair runs back to check on her as Bayley, Kai and Sky retreat.

Commentary runs down the card for the rest of the show. We then get a slideshow of pictures from Summerslam, followed by a video showing the legacy of the United States Championship.

AJ Styles comes to the ring, followed by Mustafa Ali and The Miz. We get a video recapping the match between The Miz and Logan Paul. We then get a video that Logan Paul posted on social media earlier today, saying that he feels like he's found his calling and is excited to be in the company.

The Miz, AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali For A Shot At A #1 Contenders Match for the United States Championship

The bell rings and Styles charges at Miz. Miz rolls out of the ring. Ali and Styles go at it in the ring before Miz drags Styles out of the ring and sends him head first into the commentary desk. Ali takes Miz down with a cross body through the middle rope, then tosses Miz back in the ring. Miz sends Ali face first into the middle turn buckle. Styles gets back in the ring and Miz does the same thing to him. Miz delivers a couple kicks to Styles, followed by a few chops and a running knee. He rolls up Styles, but Styles kicks out.

Styles delivers a right hand to Miz, but Miz whips him into the corner. Styles sits Miz on the top turn buckle before delivering a chop. Miz fights off Styles, but Ali comes flying in and deivers a forearm to Ali. Styles hits Ali with a suplex, but Miz kicks Styles in the face. Miz hits Ali with a DDT, then goes for a pin but Miz kicks out. Miz delivers the It Kicks, but Styles comes back with an insiguri. Ali and Styles go at it with forearms. Styles hits Ali with a back elbow before Ali hits both Styles and Miz with a neck breaker. He goes for a pin on both men, but they both kick out.

Ali climbs tot he top turn buckle and looks for the 450, but Miz moves out of the way and Styles hits a kick. Styles then delivers a pele kick to the Miz. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Miz pulls him off the apron. Styles sends Miz into the commentary desk before Ali delivers a Tornado DDT to Styles on the outside off the top rope. Ali sends Miz into the ring, then when he goes to follow him, Miz delivers the Skull Crushing Finale. He crawls over to Ali and goes for a pin, but Ali kicks out. Ali climbs to the top rope and delivers the 450 to the Miz, but Styles catches him and delivers the Styles Clash on top of Miz for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

We go backstage to the doctor's office, with Lynch recounting to the doctor and Adam Pearce what happened. Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky are approached by Sarah Schreiber who asks them why she attacked Lynch. Bayley says it wasn't about Lynch or Belair but them. They walk off as the Usos walk in. The Usos say they feel great after their Summerslam match and they will beat the Mysterios. They say they're the ones and they walk off.

Back at ringside, Seth "Freakin" Rollins comes to the ring and we get a video package of his match with Riddle from last week and their brawl at Summerslam.

Rollins welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Rollins and says it is a night of celebration because they don't have to see or hear from Riddle. He says there is a thin line between being gutsy and stupid. Riddle has crossed to the stupid sign many times and says that like like his big brother Randy Orton, he is on the shelf with a "career threating injury".

Rollins says he can now turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Champions. The Street Profit's music hits and they come to the ring. Rollins tells audio to shut off their music and tells them to go away. He makes fun of them for losing to the Usos so much and tells them they should break up. He tells them to head for the back.

Dawkins says to Rollins that they beat him for the "Raw" Tag Team Champions and Ford says that Cody Rhodes beat him with "only one boobie". Rollins asks if they came for a fight, but there can only be one of them. Dawkins asks Houston is they want to watch one of the Profits beat him and the crowd cheers. They play rock-paper-scissors to determine who faces Rollins, but Ford grabs the referee and runs down to the ring.

Seth "Freakin" Rollins vs. Montez Ford

The bell rings and Ford clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. Ford delivers a slap, then sends him face first into the barricade. Rollins tosses Ford into the ring, then delivers a super kick. He goes for a pin, but Rollins kicks out.Ford climbs up to the top rope, but Rollins rolls to the outside. He looks for a pedigree, but Ford counters with a back body drop. The two get back in the ring before returning to the outside. Rollins drives Ford into the ring post ribs first before they return to the ring.

Rollins delivers a chop to Ford, then sends him into the corner and delivers another one. Ford fires back with some of his own before Rollins delivers a few knees to  midsection. He delivers a gut buster, then goes for a pin but Ford kicks out. Ford delivers some back elbows to Rollins, but Rollins delivers a  back drop. He taunts Ford, but Ford comes back with a crossbody off the top rope. He goes for a pin but Rollins kicks out. Rollins and Ford exchange forearms before Ford gets the upper hand with a spinning back fist. Ford delivers a kick to Rollins' midsection, followed by an insiguri and a back drop. He delivers a standing moonsault, then goes for a  pin but Rollins kicks out.

Ford delivers a standing Blockbuster, then goes for a pin but Rollins kicks out. Ford hits Rollins with some right hands, but Rollins delivers an insiguri. He hits a super kick, then goes for a pin but Ford kicks out. Rollins soaks in the moment as he looks for the curb stomp. Ford moves out of the way, but Rollins hits a rolling forearm. Rollins looks for a Buckle Bomb, but Ford counters it into a Tornado DDT. He goes for a pin, but Rollins gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Rollins manages to hit the Buckle Bomb, followed by a Falcon Arrow. He goes for a pin, but Ford kicks out.

Rollins looks for a Frog Splash off the top rope, but Rollins moves out of the way. Ford looks for one of his own, but Rollins gets his knees up. He hits the Curb Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth "Freakin" Rollins

After the match, Rollins looks to beat up Ford, but Dawkins slides in the ring to save him.

We then go to a video of the Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

Back at ringside, Alexa Bliss comes to the ring with Lilly. Asuka follows her.

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

The bell rings and the two lock up. Asuka delivers a forearm to Bliss' jaw, but Bliss fires back w a drop kick. Asuka hits a shoulder tackle, but Bliss fires back with a knee. She goes for a pin, but Asuka kicks out. Bliss hits a knee, followed by a forearm and another knee. She goes for another pin, but Asuka kicks out. Bliss trips Asuka, then delivers a double knees. Asuka fires back with a low baseball kick before she fires away with kicks and strikes. Asuka delivers a suplex, followed by a hip attack and a knee to Bliss' face. Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky come to the ring and start beating down Bliss and Asuka.

Winner: N/A (DQ via interference)

Kai delivers a knee to Asuka in the corner as Bayley barks orders at both of them. Kai gives Sky a chair as she ascends to the top rope, but Belair makes the save. Belair grabs the mic and says she wants a match with one of them. Iyo Sky points at herself, stepping up to Belair's challenge.

Back from the first commercial break of the night, commentary announce that Belair will face Sky in a match later tonight. Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring, followed by Ciampa and Chad Gable.

Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler and Chad Gable For A Shot At A #1 Contenders Match for the United States Championship

The bell rings and Ziggler hits Ciampa with a drop kick. He hits Gable with one, then goes for a pin but Ciampa breaks it up. Gable and Ciampa launch a beat down on Ziggler, then go after his legs. They hit Ziggler with a double back elbow and Gable goes for a pin, but Ciampa pulls him off and they start to argue.

Ziggler fights back against the pair, but Ciampa slingshots Ziggler into the corner. Gable slams Ciampa into the mat, but out of nowhere Ziggler hits the Zig Zag. He goes for a pin, but Gable kicks out. We head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, the three men are entangled in a triple submission. Gable manages to lock in an ankle lock, but Ciampa breaks it up and goes for a pin on Gable. Gable kicks out. Ciampa delivers a chop, then sits Ziggler on the top turn buckle. Ciampa delivers the White Noise off the middle rope, then goes for a pin but Gable breaks it up. Ciampa and Gable exchange chops before Ziggler hits the Zig Zag as Gable is in the middle of delivering a suplex to Ciampa. He goes for a pin, but Gable kicks out. Ciampa sends Gable to the outside before Ziggler hits Ciampa with a super kick. Gable steals the pin, but Ziggler pulls him off on Ciampa. Gable hits a backslide on Ciampa, but Ciampa kicks out. Ciampa manages to hit the Fairytale Ending on Gable for the win.

Winner: Ciampa

We then get a video recapping the events that have happened with the Judgment Day. Back from the break, Edge comes to the ring to a massive pop.

We hear from Edge 

Edge apologizes to fans for being a bit of an a****** for the past few months. He says he created Judgment Day to help out some younger talent and pass on the knowledge he has learned over the course of his career. He says that they thought they had learned everything they needed to on him and said that they managed to surprise him. He says that he was able to pull himself out of the hell they put him in and says he will kill what he created: The Judgment Day

We head backstage to the Mysterios. They are approached by Kevin Patrick who ask about their match later. Rey says that Judgment Day is in their rear view mirror and they now have to deal with Edge. They say they are focused on defeating the Usos and becoming the new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

Back from the break, we get a video showing the WWE tryouts from Summerslam weekend. We then head to Sarah Schreiber, Dakota Kai, Bayley and Iyo Sky. She says that the women have been on a downward spiral since she left and she outsourced two of the best underrated women in the world. They say they will be in full control soon.

Back at ringside, Iyo Sky comes to the ring, followed by Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair vs. Iyo Sky

The bell rings and Belair sends Sky straight into the corner. Belair delivers several shoulders to Sky's midsection, followed by a drop kick. She kips up, but Sky sends her bouncing off the top rope. Sky delivers a moonsault off the ropes to Belair on the outside and we head to commercial.

Back from the break, Belair has the upper hand and delivers a body slam. She delivers a forearm to Sky, followed by a kick. Sky sends her into the ropes, then delivers a double knees to Belair's back. Sky delivers another double knees in the corner, then goes for a pin but Belair kicks out. Sky locks in a cross face on Belair, but Belair escapes and Sky delivers a leg sweep. She goes for a pin, but Belair kicks out. Sky flies off the top rope, but Belair delivers a Fallaway Slam. She delivers a face buster, then flies off the ropes. She goes for a pin but Sky kicks out. Belair delivers a  body slam to Sky, then climbs to the top turn buckle. Bayley and Dakota Kai come to the ring, allowing Sky to climb to the top and deliver a snap hurricanrana. She goes for a  pin, but Belair kicks out.

Belair manages to hit a vertical suplex, then gets Sky up on her shoulders. Sky escapes and sends Belair on to the apron. Belair drags her out to and they fight on the apron. Sky sends Belair to the floor, then goes to flying but Be.air catches her and sends her face first into the ring. She goes to toss Sky back into the ring, but Bayley and Kai sit on the apron to block her. Alexa Bliss and Asuka come to the ring as we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Belair delivers a superplex to Sky, followed by a standing moonsault. She goes for a pin, but Sky kicks out. Sky fires back with a double stomp, then delivers a double knees to Belair in the corner. Belair delivers a spine buster to Sky, then looks for a standing moonsault but Sky gets her knees up in time. Belair delivers a forearm to Sky, but Sky manages to roll her up with her feet on the ropes. Bliss knocks her feet off the ropes. Bayley and Kai get in Bliss' face and Asuka joins her. They all start to brawl and the match ends in a DQ.

Winner: N/A (DQ via interference)

Everyone continues brawling with one another as referees and backstage officials break the six women apart.

We head backstage to the Miz and Ciampa. Kevin Patrick approaches them and says things haven't been going his way since Summerslam. Miz says he was cheated out of his match tonight and says he only lost at Summerslam because AJ Styles attacked Ciampa at ringside. Ciampa says that Styles will realize he chose the wrong side at Summerslam after he chose to support a social media influencer. He says it will be that much more satisfying when he beats him tonight. Miz says that the audience is looking at the next United States Champion and says he will do what he can to help him out.

Houston's own Booker T joins commentary for the upcoming match between AJ Styles and Ciampa. Ciampa and the Miz wait in the ring, with Styles coming to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Ciampa for a #1 Contenders Shot At The United States Championship 

The bell rings and the two lock up. They exchange submissions before Ciampa gains the upper hand with a shoulder tackle. Ciampa delivers some stomps to Styles in the corner before Styles delivers a back breaker. Ciampa sends Styles under the bottom rope into the ring post. He delivers a running knee to Styles' head, then goes for a pin but Styles kicks out. Styles and Ciampa exchange forearms before Styles hits a back breaker-face buster combo. Ciampa slides out of the ring as Miz checks on him. Styles chases him back in the ring and delivers a drop kick. Ciampa rolls out of the ring again and delivers a forearm over the top rope. We head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Styles has the upper hand with some combo attacks. Styles hits a back breaker, followed by a face buster. He goes for a pin, but Ciampa kicks out. The crowd cheers 'tiny balls' at the Miz as Ciampa hits Styles with some offence. He exposes his knee, then looks for the running knee, but Styles gets him up for the Styles clash. Ciampa escapes, but Styles suplexes him into the corner. Styles hits Ciampa with a forearm, then looks for the Phenomenal forearn. Ciampa counters with a knee, followed by a power bomb-backstabber combo. He goes for a pin, but Styles kicks out. Ciampa delivers several chops to Styles, followed by a forearm. Both men climb up to the top rope as Ciampa looks for the Air Raid Crash. Styles counters it into a Styles Clash and goes for a pin near the ropes, but the Miz gets Ciampa's foot on the bottom rope to break the pin up. Styles takes out the Miz on the outside, before sending Styles into the ring post and barricade. The referee begins the 10 count. The Miz restrains Styles ankle, but Styles beats the count. Ciampa hits the Fairytale Ending to become the new #1 Contender for the United States Championship.

Winner: Ciampa

Commentary reveals that Ciampa will be facing Bobby Lashley for the United States Title. We head backstage to Kevin Patrick and Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that he will defend the title every week on "Raw" if he has to. He says that while Ciampa is dangerous, he is happy to give him a reality check by locking in the Hurt Lock.

Back from the break, The Mysterios come to the ring, followed by the Usos.

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Match: The Usos (c) vs. Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Rey and Jey begin the action. The bell rings and Jey sends Rey to the outside under the bottom rope. He delivers a kick to Jey's jaw and tags in Dominik. He takes out Jey with a crossbody off the top rope as we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Rey and Jimmy are in the ring. Jimmy sends Rey sternum first into the top turn buckle and locks in a chin lock. Rey escapes and Jey tags in. Jey drags Rey to their corner of the ring, then delivers a back breaker. He goes for a pin, but Jey kicks out. Jey delivers a right hand to Rey's head, followed by a hip toss. He goes for a pin, but Rey kicks out. Jimmy tags in and he delivers some right hands. Rey sends Jimmy into the ring post face first and makes the hot tag to Dimonik. Dominik delivers a cross body off the top rope and levels Jey. He goes for a pin but Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy slaps Dominik, but Dominik hits a kick and a modified bulldog. He sets Jimmy up for the 619, but Jimmy escapes. Jimmy slides to the outside and Dominik goes flying, but Jimmy catches him and slams him into the ring post.

Back from the break, Jimmy and Dominik teeter on the top rope. Dominik manages to hit a Tornado DDT, then both men tag in their partners. Rey takes Jey down and delivers a shoulder to his midsection, followed by an insiguri. Rey hits a senton, but Jey fires back with a super kick. He goes for a pin, but Rey kicks out. Jimmy tags in and Rey hits him with a kick to his head that sends him into the ropes. Rey and Dominik hit a 619 before Dominik hits a frog splash for the top rope. He goes for a pin, but Jey breaks up the pin. Dominik climbs up to the top turn buckle, and Jimmy follows him. Dominik sends Jimmy off it, before delivering a drop kick into the ropes. Dominik looks for the 619, but Jey makes a blind tag. The two men hit the 1-D for the win.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Judgment Day ambush the Mysterios. They beat them down as Rhea Ripley locks in a Triangle on Dominik in the corner. Edge's music hits and he comes running down to the ring. He goes straight for Priest and clotheslines him out of the ring. He levels Balor and looks for a spear on Balor, but Ripley shoves Dominik in the way to allow him to take the spear instead. Medical personnel come down to the ring and attend to Dominik as the show goes off the air.

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