Former WWE Champion and current WWE United States Champion, The Almighty Bobby Lashley, recently appeared on the “OutKick 360 podcast.”

Lashley was asked how he felt about which direction he thinks WWE will be led into in the future since Vince McMahon stepped down and retired as Chairman and CEO of WWE. Under Triple H as Head of Creative, Lashley said, “First of all, I gotta say with Vince … [He] has just been a blessing to so many different people. But at the same time, Stephanie, Triple H — the mind they have in this wrestling business is going to be shown within the next few years, few months, few weeks.”

In case you didn’t know, Stephnie McMahon and Triple H have both had to step up into essential roles within WWE after Vince McMahon stepped down and retired from the company as a whole. As previously mentioned, WWE Hall of Famer Triple H is now Head of Creative, while Stephanie McMahon is Chairwoman and Co-CEO along with WWE President Nick Khan.

Lashley said that Triple H had given him great advice on how he presents himself in the ring. “I ask him for advice on where I should go, what I should do, and he always gives me great advice. And I can say moving forward, the wrestling business is in great hands.” Triple H has been said to give great advice to superstars throughout the years, significantly younger “NXT” stars throughout the time Triple H spent in charge of the brand.

Bobby Lashley also said he believes Vince McMahon will have some creative influence despite stepping away from the company two weeks ago. “Whether it’s me going to him directly, or him going to creative to kind of make things go into the direction that they should,” Lashley said. “However, like I said before, Stephanie and Triple H — I think the business is in good hands.”


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