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Birth Name: Beatrice Priestley
Born: March 22, 1996 (age 26) in Harrogate, England
Blair Davenport stretchered away on WWE NXT UK.

Blair Davenport Comments On Injury From WWE NXT UK

Marc Middleton February 4, 2022 February 4  Comments
blair davenport 3

Blair Davenport Says New WWE NXT UK Ring Name Wasn’t Her First Choice

Marc Middleton July 14, 2021 July 14  Comments
blair davenport 2

Blair Davenport Sends Warning After Winning WWE NXT UK In-Ring Debut

Marc Middleton July 8, 2021 July 8  Comments
bea priestley 5

Top International Wrestler Officially Joins WWE With New Name

Marc Middleton July 1, 2021 July 1  Comments
bea priestley 2

WWE Signing A Former AEW Talent Soon?

Marc Middleton May 15, 2021 May 15  Comments

Bea Priestley Issues Statement On Her AEW Departure

Marc Middleton August 14, 2020 August 14  Comments

Stardom And Other Japanese Promotions Cancel More Shows Due To COVID-19

Jason Ounpraseuth April 7, 2020 April 7  Comments