Debuting in 2007, Rush made a name for himself in CMLL in 2019. Pro wrestling has been very much in the family as his father is La Bestia del Ring, and his brothers are Dragon Lee and Mistico II. Rush is the leader of Los Ingobernables, which helped spawn Los Ingobernables de Japon in NJPW with Tetsuya Naito leading the way there. Leaving CMLL in 2019, he began spending time in AAA. Stateside he's worked in MLW and ROH. Rush has multiple title reigns to his name including the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship and the ROH World Championship.

Birth Name: William Arturo Munoz Gonzalez

Born: September 29, 1988 (age 34) in Tala, Jalisco, Mexico

Major Titles Held: ROH World Championship (twice), CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship (once), CMLL World Tag Team Championship (once), CMLL World Trios Championship (once)