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Dominik Mysterio

(Photo Credit: WWE)
Organization: WWE
Birth Name: Dominik Gutiérrez
Born: April 5, 1997 (age 25) in San Diego, California
Major Titles Held:WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once)
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Major Heel Turn Teased On WWE Raw

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Dominik Mysterio Reveals WWE RAW Moment Was A Surprise To Him

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rey dominik mysterio 2

Dominik Mysterio Plans To One Day Be Called Rey Mysterio Jr.

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WWE SmackDown Final Viewership Steady With Last Week

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rey mysterio dominik mysterio

Several Recent WWE Trademark Filings Denied

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WWE Covers Rapper Bow Wow Wanting A Run In The Ring, More Superstars Respond

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WWE Royal Rumble Men’s Line-Up Was Oldest In History

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Dominik Mysterio On Being Critical Of His Matches, Carrying On His Family Legacy

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WWE Trademark Filings Denied, More New Trademarks

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Dominik Mysterio Reveals Recent WWE Segment Led To His First Frog Splash

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Dominik Mysterio Says He Might Still Wear A Mask And Change His Name

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Backstage News On WWE Pushing Dominik Mysterio

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WWE RAW Viewership Down For Labor Day Episode

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WWE Payback: Seth Rollins And Murphy Vs. Rey Mysterio And Dominik Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio And Dominik Vs. Seth Rollins And Murphy Set For WWE Payback

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