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(Photo Credit: WWE)
Organization: WWE
Birth Name: Deveon Everhart
Born: November 2, 1988 (age 33) in Dayton, Ohio
Major Titles Held:NXT Tag Team Championship (twice), PWG World Tag TeamChampionship (once)
MSK wins the WWE NXT Tag Team Titles.

New Champions Crowned At WWE NXT Stand & Deliver

Marc Middleton April 2, 2022 April 2  Comments
Riddle and MSK ride scooters on WWE NXT.

Full Bracket Revealed For WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Robert Gunier January 16, 2022 January 16  Comments

“The Shaman” To Be Revealed On WWE NXT This Week

Marc Middleton December 6, 2021 December 6  Comments
msk triple hhh

WWE NXT Tag Team Titles Match Delayed After MSK Injury Angle On Tonight’s Show

Marc Middleton February 24, 2021 February 24  Comments

MSK On Why They Got Emotional After Winning Their WWE NXT Debut Match

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New WWE Performance Center Class Announced With The Rascalz And Others

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