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Jimmy Korderas in the ring
Birth Name: Demetrius Korderas
Born: March 19, 1962 (age 60) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
John Cena stands in the WWE WrestleMania ring in his throwback Thuganomics gear cutting a rap

Jimmy Korderas Gives ‘Reffin Respect’ To John Cena

Matthew Wilkinson June 29, 2022 June 29  Comments
Jimmy Korderas in the ring

Jimmy Korderas Pays Respect To Dave Hebner And Tim White

Matthew Wilkinson June 20, 2022 June 20  Comments
Liv Morgan at a contract signing on RAW.

Jimmy Korderas Does Not Think Liv Morgan Is Ready For Top WWE Spot

Matthew Wilkinson January 10, 2022 January 10  Comments
Brock Lesnar hits the F5 on Roman Reigns to close WWE SmackDown.

Jimmy Korderas On Possible “Title Vs Title Match” At WWE WrestleMania

Matthew Wilkinson January 7, 2022 January 7  Comments
Jimmy Korderas in the ring

Jimmy Korderas Picks “Obvious Choice” To Win Women’s Royal Rumble

Matthew Wilkinson January 5, 2022 January 5  Comments
Big E in the Steel Cage on WWE RAW.

Jimmy Korderas Believes Big E’s WWE Title Run “Did Him No Favors”

Matthew Wilkinson January 3, 2022 January 3  Comments
Tribute To The Troops stage

Jimmy Korderas Recalls Scary Moment During WWE Trip To Iraq

Matthew Wilkinson December 1, 2021 December 1  Comments
Becky Lynch holding up the RAW Women's Championship to the crowd.

Jimmy Korderas Thinks WWE May Be Turning Top Star Babyface

Matthew Wilkinson November 29, 2021 November 29  Comments
Jimmy Korderas in the ring

Jimmy Korderas On Which WWE Superstar Would Make A Good “Stooge”

Matthew Wilkinson November 28, 2021 November 28  Comments
Jimmy Korderas in the ring

Jimmy Korderas Recalls “The Real Plane Ride From Hell”

Jason Ounpraseuth October 26, 2021 October 26  Comments

Jimmy Korderas Comments On Controversial Ending To WWE Extreme Rules Main Event

Jason Ounpraseuth September 27, 2021 September 27  Comments
new nxt 1

Jimmy Korderas Discusses His Hopes For “WWE NXT 2.0”

Jason Ounpraseuth September 13, 2021 September 13  Comments

Jimmy Korderas Floats Idea For WWE WrestleMania 38 Main Event

Sai Mohan April 24, 2021 April 24  Comments
bad bunny 3

Jimmy Korderas Criticizes WWE’s Booking Of Bad Bunny

Liam Crowley March 10, 2021 March 10  Comments
Jimmy Korderas in the ring

Jimmy Korderas On How Vince McMahon Interacts With Referees Vs. Wrestlers

Sai Mohan January 11, 2021 January 11  Comments