John Cena

(Photo Credit: WWE)
John Cena was a Division II college football star turned blue chipper out of Rick Bassman’s Ultimate University wrestling school. He would debut for WWE in 2002 against Kurt Angle, and soon after became a fixture thanks to his abilities both as a wrestler and a rapper. Cena would later drop the rap gimmick, but would still go on to become WWE’s top star for over a decade. These days he can be seen on a big screen near you in several Hollywood blockbusters.
Organization: WWE
Birth Name: John Felix Anthony Cena
Born: April 23, 1977 (age 44) in West Newbury, Massachusetts
Major Titles Held:WWE (World Heavyweight) Championship (13 times), World Heavyweight Championship (three times), WWE United States Championship (five times), WWE Tag Team Championship (twice), World Tag Team Championship (twice), OVW Heavyweight Championship (once), OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (once)
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