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Photo Credit: NWA
Birth Name: Jamie Szantyr
Born: June 2, 1981 (age 41) in New Britain, Connecticut
Major Titles Held:TNA Women's Knockout Championship (twice), TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (once)
Velvet Sky and Bully Ray hanging out together.

Velvet Sky And Bully Ray Announce Amicable Break-Up

Joshua Gagnon November 22, 2021 November 22  Comments
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Velvet Sky Says WWE Star “Deserves Way More”

Joshua Gagnon October 12, 2021 October 12  Comments
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Velvet Sky Says People Don’t Know Real Reason Dudley Boyz Parted Ways

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Velvet Sky Says She’s Dealing With Unexpected Health Issues

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Velvet Sky Discusses Her Unpleasant Backstage WWE Experience In 2006

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Velvet Sky Shares Her Thoughts On Current Impact Wrestling Women’s Division

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Velvet Sky Provides Update On Her Retirement, Reveals Most Memorable Match

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Velvet Sky On Why WWE Never Signed Her

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Velvet Sky Says She Wants To Go To WWE, Talks Why She Left TNA, More

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TNA Announces Another Departure

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Another Veteran Knockout Done With TNA?

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