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Heath Slater poses in the Impact ring as he peels back his jacket to reveal a "Free Agent" shirtPhoto Credit: Impact Wrestling
Organization: Impact
Birth Name: Heath Miller
Born: July 15, 1983 (age 38) in Pineville, West Virginia
Major Titles Held:WWE 24/7 Championship (once), WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once), WWE Tag Team Championship (three times), FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship (once), FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship (once), FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (once)
Vader holds his hand to his ear as he gets the crowd pumped for his match

Heath Slater Reveals Risky Move Vader Wanted To Do On Raw In 2014

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Heath Slater

Heath Recalls Being A Part Of Gameshow Version Of WWE NXT

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Heath on Impact Wrestling.

Heath Reveals Why Impact Wrestling Extended His Contract

Marc Middleton March 24, 2022 March 24  Comments
Heath Slater poses in the Impact ring as he peels back his jacket to reveal a

Heath Slater Says WWE HOFer Once Hit On His Mom

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3mb wwe heath jinder mcintyre e1626018688933

Heath Slater On Which WWE Stars He Originally Pitched To Be In 3MB

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nexus debut slater

Heath Slater Recalls Meeting With Vince McMahon Prior To Nexus Debut

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Heath Undergoing Surgery Tomorrow

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Heath Reveals He Will Undergo Surgery In March

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Heath Slater Reveals Whether Or Not He Sees Himself Returning To WWE

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Heath Gives Bound For Glory Injury Update

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Injury Reportedly Changed The Ending Of Impact Bound For Glory Match

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Heath Injured At Tonight’s Bound For Glory

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Heath Slater Says He Would Legitimately Run For President As Part Of #Heath4Impact Gimmick

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Heath Slater Says Several WWE Stars Want To Join Him At Impact Wrestling

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Heath Slater Talks WWE Run Being Frustrating, Wanting To Work In NJPW

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Heath Slater Appears At Impact Wrestling Slammiversary (Video)

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