Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio began his career under the name Colibri (Spanish for Humming Bird) before taking on the name of his uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr., after he was deemed worthy. After conquering Mexico as a teenager, Mysterio joined WCW in 1996 and introduced the American audience to a new age of lucha libre. He would join WWE in 2002, becoming a world champion in the promotion just four years later. A thirty one year veteran, Mysterio would return to AAA and work for the short lived Lucha Underground promotion before returning to WWE in 2018.


Birth Name: Oscar Gutierrez

Born: December 11, 1974 (age 49) in San Diego, California

Major Titles Held: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once), WWE United States Championship (twice), WCW Cruiserweight Championship (five times), WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship (once), WCW World Tag Team Championship (three times), WWE Championship (once), World Heavyweight Championship (twice), WWE Intercontinental Championship (twice), WWE Tag Team Championship (four times), WWE Cruiserweight Championship (three times)