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Birth Name: Maven Klint Huffman
Born: November 26, 1976 (age 45) in Crimora, Virginia
Major Titles Held:WWF Hardcore Championship (three times)
Joey Janela Spring 6 Western Style Poster For Maven

Maven Announced For Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6

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Maven Was “Terrified” Of The Undertaker After 2002 Royal Rumble Elimination

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Maven Reflects On His WWE Career Never Taking Off In A Big Way

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Maven Says He Spoke With Triple H About Announcing Prior To COVID-19

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Former WWE Star & Tough Enough Winner Coming Out Of Retirement For Indie Event

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Maven Names Best Wrestler To Come From WWE Tough Enough

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Maven Talks Past Steroid Use, Going To WWE Sponsored Rehab

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Maven Explains How The Undertaker Helped Shape His Career In WWE

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Former WWE Star Maven Huffman Going To Rehab Paid For By WWE

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WWE Offers Rehab To Maven, Reporter On The WrestleMania Buyrate Rumor, More

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Tough Enough **SPOILER** Rumor, Maven Update

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Backstage Details On Why Jindrak, Suzuki, Gangrel & Maven Were Fired

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