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Bruiser Brody

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Birth Name: Frank Donald Goodish
Born: June 18, 1946 (age 42) in Detroit, Michigan
Major Titles Held:WWA World Heavyweight Championship (once), SCW Southwest Brass Knuckles Championship (once), SCW World Tag Team Championship (once), NWA United States Tag Team Championship (twice), NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA American Heavyweight Championship (four times), NWA American Tag Team Championship (three times), NWA Brass Knuckles Championship (eight times), NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA Texas Tag Team Championship (three times), WCWA Television Championship (once), NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA Central States Tag Team Championship (once), NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA International Heavyweight Championship (three times), PWF World Tag Team Championship (once)

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