CM Punk

CM Punk started out as a self taught background wrestler before transitioning into a star on the independent scenes in the early 2000’s. He would sign with WWE in 2005 and would go onto become a world champion, most notably beating John Cena to win the title at Money in the Bank 2011. An outspoken attitude and clashes with management would lead to Punk become disillusioned however, and he left WWE in 2014. Though he briefly fought in the UFC, he has yet to return to professional wrestling.
Birth Name: Phil Brooks
Born: October 26, 1978 (age 42) in Chicago, Illinois
Major Titles Held:ROH World Tag Team Championship (twice), ROH World Championship (once), ECW Championship (once), World Heavyweight Championship (three times), World Tag Team Championship (once), WWE Intercontinental Championship (once), WWE Championship (twice)
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