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Tom Phillips

Birth Name: Thomas Hannifan
Born: May 19, 1990 (age 31) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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Tom Phillips On The Most Challenging Aspect Of WWE Commentary

Eric Mutter June 6, 2021 June 6  Comments
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Tom Phillips Statement On WWE Release And His Future

Marc Middleton June 3, 2021 June 3  Comments
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Tom Phillips Confirms His WWE Departure

Marc Middleton June 2, 2021 June 2  Comments
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WWE Reportedly Releases Tom Phillips

Marc Middleton May 27, 2021 May 27  Comments
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Exclusive News On Change To WrestleMania RAW Commentary Team

Raj Giri April 10, 2021 April 10  Comments
adnan virk

Exclusive: WWE Changing RAW Announce Team

Raj Giri April 10, 2021 April 10  Comments
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News On The WWE RAW Announce Team For Tonight, Jerry Lawler Returning?

Marc Middleton September 21, 2020 September 21  Comments
tom phillips

Tom Phillips Reportedly Replacing Vic Joseph On The RAW Announce Team

Marc Middleton January 26, 2020 January 26  Comments
tom phillips

Tom Phillips Joins The WWE NXT UK Announce Team

Marc Middleton October 4, 2019 October 4  Comments
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WWE Makes Change To SmackDown Announce Team

Raj Giri November 8, 2016 November 8  Comments
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