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Photo Credit: AEW
Birth Name: Scott Levy
Born: September 8, 1964 (age 57) in Lake Worth, Florida, United States
Major Titles Held:NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship (once), WWF/E Hardcore Championship (twenty seven times), WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (once), WCW Light Heavyweight Championship (once), WCW World Tag Team Championship (once), ECW World Heavyweight Championship (twice), ECW World Tag Team Championship (four times), HWA Tag Team Championship (once), MEWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship (three times), NWA Pacific Northwest Television Championship (once), NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship (three times), USWA World Tag Team Championship (once)
Vince McMahon faces the crowd on WWE RAW.

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