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Dynamite Kid

Birth Name: Thomas Billington
Born: December 5, 1958 (age 60) in Wigan, England
Major Titles Held:WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship (once), WWF Tag Team Championship (once), NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship (once), NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship (once), Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship (five times), Stampede International Tag Team Championship (six times), Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship (once), Stampede World Mid-Heavyweight Championship (four times)
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Dark Side Of The Ring Ratings For Dynamite Kid Episode

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vice dark side of the ring scaled

“Dark Side Of The Ring” Topic And Special Revealed

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dynamite kid

The Dynamite Kid Passes Away At 60

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dynamite kid

Video: Jacques Rougeau Details His WWE Backstage Fight With The Dynamite Kid

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dynamite kid

Dynamite Kid Update From His Daughter, Jericho Performs With Band, Austin And Knobbs

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Old-School RAW-Twitter, DH Smith Meets Dynamite Kid

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