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Brian Pillman Sr.

Birth Name: Brian William Pillman
Born: May 22, 1962 (age 35) in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Major Titles Held:WCW Light Heavyweight Championship (twice), WCW World Tag Team Championship (once), NWA United States Tag Team Championship (once), NWA World Tag Team Championship (once), Stampede Wrestling International Tag Team Championship (twice)
brian pillman

Brian Pillman Reportedly Got Elective Surgery To Get Out Of WCW PPV Main Event

Ross Kelly December 19, 2020 December 19  Comments
brian pillman

Note On Upcoming Season Of Dark Side Of The Ring

Sai Mohan November 12, 2020 November 12  Comments
brian pillman

First Topics Revealed For ViceTV’s "Dark Side Of The Ring" Season Three

Marc Middleton October 12, 2020 October 12  Comments
brian pillman

Brian Pillman Jr. Talks Infamous "Pillman’s Got A Gun" WWE RAW Segment

Joshua Gagnon December 15, 2018 December 15  Comments
brian pillman

Brian Pillman Jr. Hints At A Run With NJPW

Doric Sam November 20, 2018 November 20  Comments
brian pillman

Brian Pillman Jr. Discusses His Interest In Signing With WWE

Doric Sam November 17, 2018 November 17  Comments
brian pillman

Brian Pillman Jr. Says Older Stars Need To Step Aside And Let New Talent Shine

Daniel Yanofsky November 8, 2018 November 8  Comments
brian pillman

Brian Pillman’s Son Makes Pro Wrestling Debut

Raj Giri December 31, 2017 December 31  Comments
brian pillman

Brian Pillman Once Suggested Streaking Naked At The Super Bowl

Vince Russo September 30, 2016 September 30  Comments
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