WWE Comments On Raven Lawsuit

The Sun in the UK has an interview up with WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt where he addresses the current lawsuit being brought against World Wrestling Entertainment by former wrestlers Scott "Raven" Levy, Chris "Kanyon" Klucsarits and Mike Sanders. Here is some of what McDevitt had to say regarding the lawsuit:

On the lawsuit brought against WWE by the wrestlers: "I think the key point to be made here is that every one of these people signed contracts acknowledging they were independent contractors. They contractually agreed that they would take care of their own health benefits and all the rest of that stuff. The IRS has never challenged the treatment of our wrestlers and they have audited the company several times."

On the timing of the lawsuit against WWE: "This lawsuit kind of came out of the blue in one sense, but Levy threatened us years ago and I think I know who is really behind the whole thing."

On the "independent contractors" basis in the lawsuit: "None of these things make them an employee. Wrestlers are not like normal office workers. They don't go to the corporate headquarters and they don't have any corporate duties. Their basic duty is to show up and perform as a highly skilled professional. That's what they're paid to do. As far as I know, in the entire history of the wrestling business, wrestlers have always been treated as independent contractors. They're free to sign a contract like everybody is and free not to sign a contract like everybody is. When those contracts are over they are free to go wherever they want to and they do. They go to TNA and they went WCW."