-- Cassandro reportedly suffered a broken leg during his match at the ROH Big Bang PPV. He still continued with the match. That's one tough son of a b---h.

-- Dennis Condrey of the Midnight Express was not at the Big Bang PPV due to signing with WWE as a trainer at FCW.

-- The dark match before the Big Bang PPV featured Grizzly Redwood and The Bravado Brothers defeating Ernie Osyris, Sabre and McKnight.

-- The entire PPV was said to have been really good. The live feed was also much better although it still had its issues at times.

-- ROH debuted several new title belt designs at the Big Bang PPV. According to sources, this was an idea Adam Pearce had.

-- Christopher Daniels returned to the company at the Bing Bang PPV as we noted earlier. According to sources, the deal was put together just days ago, and he has been announced for the next shows in Virginia and New York City. There is no word at this time on his TNA status, but word is that several TNA personalities were surprised when he showed up on the show. It was also an ROH PPV so it's likely TNA would not have allowed him to appear. We'll have more in his TNA status later today (Sunday).

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