Torrie Wilson has answered a number of questions regarding WWE on her Facebook fan page.

When asked if she is the Torrie Wilson formerly married to Billy Kidman, she sternly replied, "That's me, although I try NOT to bring up that name here."

Though details of their divorce have yet to be publicly disclosed, Wilson herself has indicated in the past that it was not a friendly split.

Wilson was also asked about some of the not so PG things she took part in during her time in WWE (i.e. revealing photo shoots, girl-on-girl kisses, etc..) and whether she has any regrets.

"It was hard sometimes," Wilson replied. "I did get talked into things I regret a few times but that is part of life and it's lessons. Just stay true to who you are and what you believe in girl."

When asked whether she would pose for Playboy again, she said she would not as she's at a different point in her life. However, she has no regrets of posing for the magazine in the past.

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