USA Today recently interviewed John Cena, and the topic of the UFC came up, here is what he had to say…

On Following Brock Lesnar To The UFC: "No way. I like the WWE badge."

His Thoughts After Watching His First Full UFC Event: "It just did nothing for me."

On Appreciating The UFC As A Business: "I appreciate what they've done business-wise. They continue to grow. It's very good to watch the progression of that sport because it reminds me of a then-young WWF, the NFL as they matured, the merger between the NBA and the ABA. They are at that juncture where they are still Wild West. They're still in-your face. But they've made the steps they need to do grow."

What Would He Say If An MMA Company Came To Him With An Offer?: "No matter what the amount of money, the answer's no."

You've got to love John Cena when addressing the media. He says everything WWE and Vince would want him to say. There is a reason why he's their poster-child.

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