John Cena was on the Busted Open radio show on Sirius XM Radio today, here are some highlights and audio of the appearance…

When Asked About Bryan Danielson: "It stands where it is. I believe Bryan was given his release, and this is just my belief, it's complete speculation so basically you're going off my secondhand knowledge, it's something to do with violating our PG content agreement which is very serious… It was tough for us to get that [TV-PG] logo in the beginning. For us to violate that content agreement, we get in trouble with our TV providers, we get in trouble with our sponsors, it pretty much is not good business. I think that is the reason upon the Bryan Danielson release but on the same token, for a young man such as him to make an impact on the WWE Universe in that short a time, it says something about who he is as a person and where he belongs amongst our group."

On Fans Wanting Him Back: "I agree with a lot of folks who think the penalty might have been a little too severe but the best advice I can give everybody… the WWE is a business. That's why I was one of the names on that petition… But if the fans collectively want this young man back in the company, the only way to do that is the power is within the ticket buyers. If the ticket buyers come out by the fifty thousands, by the hundred thousands and say, listen, we want this young man back, we think he has something to offer, we're a company that worries about the bottom line. As far as a fix to the situation, who knows what a fix is gonna be, but I'd put the power in the hands of the consumer. That's why I was one of the first to sign that petition because I think if you show strong enough belief… it would be very, very difficult for WWE as a business entity to ignore the fact that Daniel Bryan will be able to generate revenue."

You can listen to Cena's appearance below:

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