Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

SITE NOTE: I got word this morning that Rob (WZR Radio producer) and his wife welcomed a healthy little baby girl late last night after a long day/night at the hospital. We had known for several weeks now that this may cause an issue for WZR Radio and that's exactly what has happened. Due to the new addition to the WZR family, we're forced to postpone tonight's WZR Radio as they are both still in a hospital and I'm unable to produce. If anyone knows how to Skype us through to Justin.TV I'd be more than willing to give it a shot tonight. Just email me at [email protected] ASAP. Otherwise we'll have to wait till next week. Congrats to Rob and his wife on the new addition.

With WWE's RAW guest host concept seemingly on its last legs, one company source said "things don't look good" for The Bella Twins.

Throughout the duration of the concept, the twin duo's screen time would hinge on the guest host of the week (due to their role as arm piece) and creative opting to sparingly use them in a wrestling capacity on RAW. In recent weeks they have been largely relegated to WWE's secondary show Superstars as a result of the concept being de-emphasized. They worked a match for Superstars last night at the TV taping.

Florence Henderson, who wasn't even announced in advance on RAW, was the last guest host scheduled, though that doesn't necessarily mean she's the final one.

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