The following press release was sent out today…

August 17, 2010 /EIN Presswire/ -- According to Geena Jinev Anac of Lightening Entertainment, Scott Hall has been hospitalized due to complications from pneumonia. Scott Hall was hospitalized for double pneumonia, which had affected both lungs, back in July: "Recovery for Scott has been very slow process, he was trying to get better and was looking forward to his appearances on the East Coast this weekend! We wish him quick recovery, he is in our thoughts & prayers!

"We are sad to announce that Scott Hall will not be appearing on any previously promised East Coast dates between Aug 20- 2010 and Aug 26-2010 due to complications from pneumonia. Scott Hall is thankful for all the loving support from fans and promoters, he would love to come back once his health improves!" added Geena Jinev Anac of Lightening Entertainment.

For media and info please contact:

Geena Jinev Anac
Lightening Entertainment
CEO/Celebrity Manager
[email protected]

Note from Ryan Clark: This is just my opinion but I call complete BS on the 'double pneumonia' story. That's not to say that he didn't have pneumonia but I've known Scott for years and can tell you that he's been in rough shape in recent months. He's been to several rehabs and according to my source, he recently entered another one and that's where he is right now. WWE is paying for this one.

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