Sting and Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe

We get a video package with the history over the past few weeks leading up to this match.

Joe and Sting look to start things out for their respective teams. Sting attacks Jarrett right off the bat, and Nash uses the distraction to jump Joe. Joe fights off Nash with a big running knee, and turns right to Sting, taking him down with a huge kick. Joe tags in Jarrett, who comes in and works over Jarrett with a series of blows before being caught from behind by a clothesline to the head from Nash. Nash tags in and begins working over Jarrett with right hands. Jarrett tries to fight back, but a knee to the stomach stops Jarrett. A hot shot and side walk slam from Nash is good for a near fall on Jeff.

Nash hits a series of knees to Jarrett's midsection before tagging out to Sting, who comes in and works over Jarrett with punches and kicks before focusing on Jarretts arm with a couple of nasty arm wrenches. Sting hits a big Stinger splash on Jarrett in the corner, and he climbs the ropes, trying for a Vader bomb, but eating Jarrett's knees instead. Jarrett is able to make the tag, but the ref is distracted by Nash so is doesn't count. Double clothesline from Sting and Jarrett at the same time, and both men are down.

Joe is able to make the tag in and he goes to work on both Sting and Nash, eventually taking Nash out with an elbow suicida. Jarrett and Sting trade blows in the ring and Sting hot shots Jarrett into the corner. Jarrett grabs the baseball bat, and Jarrett uses it to hit Sting in the stomach and the throat. Joe comes back into the ring and locks in the rear naked choke. Jarrett holds off Nash on the outside. The referee calls the match as Sting is unable to answer the call.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett

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