-- Harvey Whippleman had the following to say about his friend Jorge "Giant" Gonzales: "I would like to take time here to address the passing of my dear friend Jorge Gonzales, also known as Giant Gonzalez [during his tenure with me] and Gl Gigante, when he was with WCW. I was Jogo's [nickname short for his name] manager the entire time he was with the WWE and not only was I his manager, but I was his friend and confidante as well aka his errand boy! Not that I minded either...sh** if I was 8 feel tall, I'd want somebody to run out and get my food and medicine too! Jogo was always a gentleman and a true friend. He actually did something completely out of character for me one time when he was in Memphis to work a shot or 2 for USWA. He came to Walls, MS [my hometown] and visited the old Loretta's beer joint, which has since burnt down. He came to see me just so all my friends and neighbors could have the excitement of meeting not only TV star in our little delta town, but a giant - not only physically, but in heart as well. I know he is in a better place now, so GOD bless you, my friend."

-- WWE.com has an interview up with Michelle McCool discussing what it is like being the first woman to unify the Woman's Title and Diva's Title. When asked what it means that there is one title now for the divas, she said "I think it opens up a lot more opportunities. It's sad that it won't be the Women's Championship we are holding, because there's so much prestige with it. But who knows, Trish Stratus retired with it a few years ago - maybe it'll come back again. It's an absolute honor to be carrying the championship on my shoulder. It's a proud moment."

-- Colt Cabana said he was at Night of Champions as a fan on his latest podcast. Matt Striker had mentioned that CM Punk's childhood friends "Scott and Chris" were in attendance.

-- Here is the press release and book signing information for Mick Foley's new book:

World famous wrestler and New York Times bestselling author MICK FOLEY will speak about and sign his new book, Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal. In Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal, Mick Foley chronicles the heart-pounding build-up to his TNA debut, Lockdown, one of the most important matches of his long and storied career after being pushed out of the WWE. Mick shares previously untold stories from his life including his thoughts and feelings on the use of steroids in wrestling, his crush on singer/songwriter Tori Amos, the tragic story of Chris Benoit, and his soul-saving charity work in Sierra Leone. Mick Foley is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Have a Nice Day and Foley is Good, as well as three children's books and two novels. Foley began wrestling professionally in 1985, and is a four-time world champion. In early 2010, Foley was made "Senior Asskicker" for two Daily Show appearances. He has sponsored children for eighteen years with Child Fund International, and is a weekly volunteer in RAINN's fight against sexual violence. All books signed at Book Revue events must be purchased at Book Revue. If you purchase your book at Book Revue in advance of the event, please save your receipt and bring it with you to the event.

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