WWE introduction.

We open with a recap of The Miz/Bryan feud. The Miz's voice is heard saying he did not tap out and the recap of the beat down of Bryan from last week.

The pyro starts and we hear Nickelback. Cole welcomes us to Dallas and pimps the Orton vs. Jericho main event.

"Awesome." Cole is ecstatic as Miz enters with Alex Riley. Miz explains that Daniel Bryan has challenged Riley and him to a tag match. He explains that this is Monday night and every Monday Bryan gets a beating from Miz. Bryan enters to music from Apocalypse Now. Miz asks who his partner is. Cue John Morrison. Bryan and Riley start. Good offense by Bryan and he tags Morrison. He eats a boot from Riley. Dropkick by Morrison for a 2 count. Miz is in and he starts working over Morrison. Bottom rope clothesline. Riley in and he continues assault on Morrison with kicks and a nice powerslam. Miz is back and he taunts Bryan as Riley beats up Morrison in corner. Cole loves the Miz. Morrison spin kick and a tag to Bryan. Bryan hits a suplex and dropkick in corner. 2 count. Bryan goes for the submission; Miz pushes him off into Morrison and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. 3 count and this is over. Riley and Miz win by pinfall

Miz continues to beat up Bryan. Morrison makes the save and they fight. Suicide dive by Bryan on Miz and Morrison. He hits Morrison. An all out brawl between the three men. The GM has an email. At Hell in a Cell it will be Bryan defending his title against both Miz and Morrison in a submissions count anywhere match.

We go to commercial as the Divas head to the ring.

The Divas are in the ring for a Battle Royal to determine number 1 contender. LayCool is out to do commentary. They make some jokes about Eve and Melina, but are generally annoying. Melina is knocked out by Tamina. Gail Kim is out by Tamina. Eve eliminates Tamina. The Bellas eliminate themselves. Eve eliminates Maryse. Eve is knocked out. We are left with Jillian, Alicia, and Natalya. Alicia eliminates Jillian. Natalya eliminates Jillian for the win. Your new number one Diva contender is Natalya. Cue crickets in the audience.
We see Cena doing promotional work for Legendary.

Promo for the Cutting Edge with the Raw GM as the guest.

Maryse is b---hing about her battle royal loss to Ted in the back. A note is slipped through the door. It says "Next week you will be mine."

Sheamus is out. He recounts an old Irish tale about 2 Princes vying to be King of Ireland. They race and as the one is about to lose he cuts off his hand and throws it at the Castle to become King and says he will be just like the young prince and do anything to beat Orton at Hell in the Cell. He says Orton should ask Triple H about how it feels to be crushed by him. Sheamus calls out any Superstar to face "The Fiery Red Hand of the WWE."


Sheamus is still alone in ring. Here comes the Great Khali. Cole actually pimps Mick Foleys new book as Khali strolls to the ring. Khali gets a big chop in the corner. Sheamus fights back and kicks Khali out of the ring. He attacks Khali with the announce table and some chairs. Khali fights back but 2 big kicks knock him out. I guess it's a no contest.?

Another Cutting Edge promo as we head to break. During the break, the Phillies win their 4th consecutive National League East Title, I am pumped.

Edge is out with the laptop in ring. The GM will talk in a computer voice. Edge asks why the Gm is spineless, compares GM to Lindsey Lohan on a bender. The GM, is a terrible voice, asks Edge why he hates the GM. Edge begins to rant and stops, realizing he is arguing with a laptop. Edge says he will just ask Jericho who the GM is. The laptop says Jericho doesn't know anything, but the GM knows who Edge will face tonight and it is Cenation who is introduced to a big reaction from crowd.


Cena and Edge are in ring. Back and forth they go and Cena is thrown out of the ring. Baseball slide by Edge. Cena thrown into ring steps. Back in the ring for a 2 count. Cena goes for the AA, countered into a 2 count for Edge. Edge is beating Cena down. Shoulder block by Cena, the second one misses. Suplex blocked and reversed by Cena. AA blocked again into big DDT by Edge and we get a near fall. Bulldog by Cena. Goes for a top rope AA but Edge slithers out. Cena off ropes, spear by Edge and he gets a 3 count. Here comes the GM and the laptop explains that since Cena's leg was under rope the match will continue. Edge is mad, but he continues to assault Cena. Goes for spear but it is reversed into the STF. Cena pulls him to center of ring and Edge taps out. Your winner in John Cena.

Edge is pissed and he heads over to the laptop, grabs it and crushes it. The laptop screams for Cole to save it. Edge drops an elbow and head butts the laptop. Reminds me of the fax machine scene from Office Space.


A replay of Edge beating up the laptop is shown.

Nexus is out. They will be in tag team action against Mark Henry and Evan Bourne. Slater and Gabriel will represent Nexus and they work over Bourne with quick tags and minimal moves. Big knee by Bourne. Tag to Henry and he cleans house. Slater eats a slam and a big slam to Gabriel. Bourne is on the top, but it is broken up. Gabriel tries the 450, but misses. "Air Bourne" and he goes for the cover but Slater rolls Gabriel over and he pins Bourne. The Nexus win.

Nexus pummels Henry on the outside and turn the attention to Bourne. Big clothesline by Otunga. Slam by Barrett. 450 by Gabriel. Nexus has the mic and say they will be at the premiere of Smackdown on Friday.


The Hart Dynasty is out. They will face "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Kidd begins and he is crushed by Rhodes and McIntyre. Boot by Rhodes and a tag and McIntyre hits a big clothesline. 2 count. Hot tag to D.H. Smith. A series of clotheslines and a big boot to Rhodes. Suplex by Smith, he gets a two count before McIntyre breaks it up. Going for Hart Attack and McIntyre pushes Kidd into Smith and Rhodes hits the CrossRhodes. It is over. Your winners are Rhodes and McIntyre. On the ramp, Smith is mad at Kidd and he walks away by himself.

In the back, R-Truth tells Cena that he has his back, but Cena needs to be careful. Cena says some jargon and teases that he may also be at Smackdown this Friday.

Cole and the King cover the Hell in the Cell lineup.

Jericho is out. He states he will beat Orton even though Orton is a tough e a Viper. He vows to be a viper killer. Jericho then begins to list all the people he has beaten. We go to commercial as he is talking.

We are back and Jericho is still rattling off names, hilarious. Orton's music hits and the crowd is loud. We begin and Orton goes on the offensive. Forearm shots in and out of the ring. Orton is in control until an eyepoke by Jericho.Some offense by Jericho, until Orton throws him out of the ring. Jericho reverses him into the barrier as we head to break.

We are back with Jericho in control. Sheamus is on the ramp. Choke by Jericho; he hits a bottom rope clotheline for a near fall. Jericho blocks the RKO into a backslide for 2. Orton fights back. Dropkick by Jericho. Slam by Orton, scoop slam by Orton, Jericho hits a running bulldog, it is back and forth. Jericho misses the Lionsault. Backbreaker by Orton and the RKO is blocked into a back stabber. 2 count for Jericho. Jericho blocks the DDT off the second rope and locks in the Walls of Jericho. He pulls Orton to the middle of the ring. Orton kicks Jericho out of the ring and hits the middle rope DDT. Sheamus is on causing the DQ. Orton fights him off and hits the middle rope DDT. He lines up to punt Sheamus but Jericho hits the Codebreaker. Jericho grabs a chair, he swings it, misses and Orton hits the RKO. Jericho is lined up and punted.
We go off the air and Jericho is laid out as the crowd cheers Orton.

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