-- James Soubasis sent this one in: WWE Hall of Famer and Ring Announcer Howard Finkel and Wrestling Legend Kevin Sullivan are available for personal appearances of any type. For more information contact James Soubasis of Three Count Promotions at (732) 801-6780 or email at [email protected] Serious inquires only.

-- Bedford Crenshaw sent this one in: At the 9:15 commercial break for RAW in my market, they advertised next week's RAW taping in Louisville and they still had John Cena participating in a Final Four Way match. Note from Ryan Clark: They are still advertising John Cena for the live RAW TV taping on December 27th here in Albany, NY as well.

-- WWE will be holding a RAW house show on February 11th at the PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Tickets go on sale December 11th.

-- Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas interviewed the recently released Tiffany, which you can listen to at radio.thescore.com Here is an excerpt from the interview… "Whether that incident is attributed to my release or not, I don't think I'll ever know.. certainly the timing would say so. It was really stupid and it was somebody that had an axe to grind with us for no reason. Obviously nothing happened because everything was dropped immediately, and the person that decided to make up a little story.. karma's a you know what. It's a shame because they really screwed with somebody's life and that's sad when people do that. The internet world went crazy with it because it was something very controversial."

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