WWE Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit W/ Former Employee

WWE has settled a lawsuit brought against the company by former WWE Global Licensing Coordinator Fara D'Angelo. The Judge ordered the case to be dismissed, but it can be reopened by January 13th, 2011 if either side fails to keep their side of the settlement agreement.

Back in October of 2008, D'Angelo filed a suit against the company, alleging that she was sexually harassed by then-Senior Director of International Consumer Products Alex Romer. D'Angelo worked for WWE from April 2004 through May 2006. D'Angelo had claimed that Romer pursued an intimate relationship with her almost immediately after she started working at WWE even though Romer was married. She states that Romer claimed that he would do so in person, via text messages, late night phone calls, and other ways. Alex Romer is no longer with WWE.

In the lawsuit, D'Angelo alleged that another employee who witnessed the harassment told her to "switch jobs" and that when she took her complaint to WWE's Senior Director of Quality Assurance, Mike Archer. She says that Archer also suggested that she look for a new job. D'Angelo further claimed that she felt as if her job would be put in jeopardy if she continued to shed light on the harassment. She then resigned and informed WWE of the harassment, and then filed the lawsuit.

WWE offered D'Angelo a promotion and raise if she would stay with the company after she filed her harassment charges with the company's Human Resources department. Back on October 14th, the judge denied WWE's attempts to have the case thrown out. The judge then ruled that a jury could conceivably side with D'Angelo's claims based on the evidence presented to the court by both sides and that the case needed to go forward to trial.