Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- The upcoming That's What I Am from WWE Films and featuring Randy Orton has been given a glowing review from Variety. The film stars Ed Harris and Amy Madigan and is about a boy who gets paired up with the biggest outcast in school, only to become friends with him after he stands up to a bully. Randy Orton has a role as the father of the school bully and is described as "pitch-perfect" in his role. It should be noted that this is the best review any of the films WWE has produced has received.

-- The Chicago Tribune has a review up for The Chaperone at The review describes Triple H as "so unfunny it hurts."

-- NY-1 has a more positive review up for The Chaperone at

-- After 43 editions, OnePlusOne, the society that has the rights on the selling of WWE DVDs in France, has decided to stop the publishing of the French edition of the WWE Magazine.

-- The February 21st Chris Jericho book signing, which was set to take place in Dallas, TX has been canceled.

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