WWE RAW Results (2/28) - Cage Match, & More!

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Sheamus vs. Evan Bourne

Bourne fires away with kicks and hits (read as he missed by three inches) with a spin kick. That sets up the Shooting Star Press to end this in 37 seconds.

Evan Bourne b. Sheamus @ 37 seconds - Shooting Star Press

Rating: B-. The first 12 seconds were pretty good, the next 8 dragged it down but the final seventeen more than made up for it and was at the level of an 80s Flair match. Solid TV match.

With Bourne still in the ring, Justin Roberts introduces Michael Cole. He says he'll tell us what his plans are for Wrestlemania in just a few moments and we take a break.

Undertaker will be on Smackdown. There will also be a contract signing for Edge vs. Del Rio.

After a quick video of Cole insulting Jerry and his mother last week, Cole calls Lawler into the ring. Apparently only Lawler can get fired for striking Cole and not the other way around. Cole stumbles over his words here. Cole claims to have the most guts in the company and that he never backs down from a fight. His answer to the challenge is no. Cole's face is so smug here that it's great.

Cole says he'll accept under two conditions. First off his trainer has to be in his corner at Wrestlemania and he gets to pick a special guest referee for the match. Lawler says he doesn't care if Cole has the Dark Knight, King Kong, Saba Simba and Superman with him, it's on. Cole is WAY too happy about this, even dancing a little over it.

He introduces his trainer: Jack Swagger. Odd choice but it gives Swagger something to do I guess. Lawler stares up at Swagger and Cole slaps him. Jerry goes after Cole but gets caught in an ankle lock while Cole laughs at him. The referee isn't announced here.

Austin will be here next week.

Cole wipes off Lawler's headset to take over on commentary.

Cue Orton to a ROAR. Great pop for him there. This is a match but Orton has something to say to Punk first he. Last week CM was right about something. Two and a half years ago when Orton punted him it was the biggest mistake of Orton's career. He should have kicked harder. Faith can't protect Punk from punting him again. Orton talks about putting Punk in a rehabilitation home and the only thing Punk will have left is the faith that failed him.

Cue New Nexus led by Punk who has the microphone. Could we get to a match anytime soon? Punk says he'll take care of Orton and here they come. An E-Mail stops them, which says that Orton will face Punk at Mania. Until then Orton gets singles matches against members of the New Nexus. If they beat Orton, that member can be in Punk's corner at the PPV but if they lose, that member is barred. If any member interferes, the team is disbanded.

Randy Orton vs. Michael McGillicutty

Orton takes over quickly as you would expect. The knee drop misses and here comes McGillicutty. A clothesline by Orton sends him to the floor and we take a break. Back with McGillicutty hitting a dropkick for two. He adds the Mr. Perfect neck snap from the middle rope in a cool looking move. There's the chinlock from McGillicutty on the master of the chinlock. Orton fights back and gets the powerslam and backbreaker. Elevated DDT has McGillicutty reeling. RKO ends it at 7:15 with about 4 minutes shown.

Randy Orton b. Michael McGillicutty @ 7:15 - RKO

Rating: D. Not impressed here as it was just a step ahead of a squash. Did anyone think McGillicutty had a chance here at all? Either way, it would be nice to have a 1-1 match at Mania rather than having to worry about the interference. This also gives Orton something to do between now and Mania so that helps a bit.

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