Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Vickie Guerrero vs. Trish Stratus is confirmed for next week's RAW. Really.

-- Lance Hoyt was backstage at RAW. We've heard rumors that he's been re-hired but can't confirm that.

-- Eric Bischoff criticized the book's cover of Linda Hogan's upcoming book, Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes on his Facebook page. "Just saw the cover of Linda Bollea's new book," he wrote. "That picture of Linda looks about as much like Linda Bollea, as I look like Tom Cruise!!!! She is clearly NUTS!!! Can't wait for this piece of fiction to hit the bookstores."

Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes is described as an "uplifting" tell-all book that details "her life, the traumas and how much better life is now that she is no longer married." "She will include all the trials she endured during the marriage, Nick's accident and the things she has accomplished," her attorney Ray Rafool told last year. "Linda wants people to know her she understands what it is like to get a divorce, to be a mother with grown children and establish a career and move forward." It is scheduled to be released in June.

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