-- As noted earlier, after RAW went off the air last night, Michael Cole comes out in a referee's shirt and said the anonymous Raw General Manager is forcing John Cena and Randy Orton to face The Miz and CM Punk. If Cena and Orton didn't win the match, they would be suspended through Wrestlemania. Of course, Cena and Orton won the match with an assist from Jerry Lawler, who knocked Michael Cole down, took his ref shirt and counted the pin.

-- Colt Cabana talked about about winning the NWA World Heavyweight title this past weekend on the Right After Wrestling podcast. He talked about sleeping with the belt and going out on a date with it. You can check out the clip at this link.

-- Road Warrior Animal appeared on Busted Open this past week to promote his book "The Road Warriors: Danger, Death and the Rush of Wrestling" and he had the following comments on the WWE Hall of Fame: "Well you know to me it's a culmination of what you have accomplished in your career. I think they want to make it a legitimate hall of fame like an NBA or an NFL, which you are going to have changed it a little bit. It's going to have to be a sports entertainment hall of fame. I think you're going to have to change the title of it you know what I mean. As far as that I mean listen I was blessed man. There's never going to be a tag team like the "Road Warriors." There might never be period because of the way the wrestling business is today. You know it's been proven you just can't throw two guys together and say there a tag team. I mean Hawk and I, we drove on the road, we eat dinner, and we shared rooms and everything together you know what I mean. Along with Paul we're going into the pro wrestling hall of fame you know, the one in Amsterdam, New York, that one I know like Paul Orndorff says 'You get voted in by your peers.' They send ballots, they send about 60 anonymous ballots out there, only half of them have to report because they're as reported in there vote. This is our first year and we got voted in our first year with it. That means a lot to us. You're voted in by guys like Harley Race, Terry Funk, Dory Funk, guys who have paved the road before us, you what I mean. You never know. I think sooner or later the WWE is going to have to put us in their hall of fame. I mean who else do they have left?

"Who knows man? You know the way they are. They can spring things on you last minute. You never know what's going to happen, but I mean right at this moment I don't have any clue of what's going on with that you know. I'm the last person probably because my brother works there. I don't even talk or even think about wrestling with the WWE because of that fact. I mean it's too much nepotism. I'm always told nepotism.

"It's not so much about the part of getting information. I think there's some kind of wall put up there not by my brother per say, but per say maybe the office there. I mean guys listen I got to wrestle, I heard your recording in the beginning, Hogan, Flair, and I got work with the top guys in our business ever. I mean it's time for me to give back as a coach or behind the scenes, agent type deal business. It just drives me crazy because I'm not doing that and I can't do that. I would do it in a heartbeat, but you know it's not my decision to do you know what I mean, so I don't even argue the fact anymore. I don't even question it. I don't even, hey it is what it is, if it happens, it happens. Right now like you said the media could either make you or break you. I've gone through it with my son James, he's done well. For instance, small market like St.Louis. Now that the Rams are playing well and winning games, they're going to be on six nationally televised games next year. Well you know last couple of years James has had pro bowl numbers. You know now they'll get recognized because the voting committee is within the media that watches the nationally televised games. They don't vote on the games that are all on the NFL Network. The media is a good tool to have. It's got good points and bad points. I think there's more positive with it than negative. It's been great to us I mean all the media has been good to us. We were probably one of the few that made the cross over to a Sports Illustrated, to an ESPN, to a Peoples Magazine, to a Forbes Magazine. You know we had that company Zubaz that most guys have."

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