Jarrett and Karen are shown with Karen screaming at Jeff. Karen says this isn't a honeymoon, it's a family vacation, and Jarrett should know what's missing. Jarrett says he knows what's missing, and it's Kurt. Karen is blown away and not pleased. Jarrett says this Thursday he's going to call a truce. Karen asks where the kids are, and Jarrett says having fun. They come in from somewhere, and the whole family ends up getting doused in water, which causes Karen to scream in anger while Jarrett hugs her and spins her around.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson who says it looks like everyone is getting screwed, including the President of TNA, Dixie Carter. Anderson tells RVD to stop taking things so personally because this is business, and his business is to win the TNA Championship. Anderson says he's not that bad of a guy, but he's not that nice either. He says he's an a-hole, but he says at least he's not a douchebag, because douchbags finish last, but a-holes always finish first.

#1 Contender's Match
- Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and Anderson and RVD talk a bit of trash to each other to begin. RVD and Anderson trade blows in the middle of the ring, going hold for hold, a hit for hit. We get a bit of chain wrestling for both men, and an inventive roll up from RVD that's countered by a roll up from Anderson and both men pause. Anderson teases doing RVD's taunt, but doesn't follow through yet. Anderson and RVD lock up, and Anderson is able to secure a side headlock. Both men trade holds for a little while longer before trading a couple more pinfall attempts. Anderson comes up with another headlock, and he takes Van Dam down with a shoulderblock. Van Dam lands on Anderson attempting a leap frog, and Anderson responds by slamming Van Dam in to the middle rope and choking him with his boot.

Anderson sends RVD into the corner hard and follows right in with a running clothesline. Anderson takes RVD over to another corner and slams him headfirst into the turnbuckle. When Anderson tries to send RVD across the ring again, Van Dam reverses it, hits him with a couple of shoulders to the gut, before hitting a springboard single leg dropkick and rolling thunder. Anderson rolls to the outside, but Van Dam catches him with a baseball slide, and a cross body over the top and to the outside. Van Dam picks up Anderson and suplexes him into the guard rail, but when Van Dam goes to the ring apron and tries to go for the spinning leg drop, Anderson moves and RVD's knee connects with the guard rail.

Anderson sends RVD back into the ring, where he repeatedly wraps Van Dam's leg around the steel ring post. Anderson makes his way back into the ring, where he stomps away at RVD's head. Anderson continues the attack on the knee, stomping away at the back of RVD's leg before dropping his own knee down on top of RVD's repeatedly. Anderson locks in a single leg Boston crab.

RVD makes it to the ropes, forcing Anderson to break the hold, and he pounds on RVD with repeated right hands in the corner. Anderson picks RVD up to his feet and he wraps Van Dam's leg around the middle rope, and attacks with a running drop kick. Van Dam limps across the ring, and Anderson attacks with a quick chop block. Anderson pushes Van Dam back into the corner, but Van Dam is able to come up with a couple of big kicks, a clothesline, and a huge kick right to Anderson's face. Anderson tries for the mic check, but Van Dam holds on to the ropes to block it. Van Dam goes for the rolling thunder, but Anderson avoids it and fights RVD off, hitting a back suplex.

Anderson hits RVD with a couple of big forearms and a spinning neckbreaker, but he still can't keep RVD down. Anderson hits the standing Green Bay Plunge, landing on top of his own head, but he goes for the cover, only getting a two count. Anderson goes for the mic check, but RVD fights him off, and both men connect with clotheslines, both crashing down to the mat.

Both men get to their feet where they go blow for blow. Van Dam sends Anderson into the corner and buries his shoulder in Anderson's midsection over and over, but Anderson side steps a charging RVD and RVD ends up going shoulder first into the ring apron, when he gets to his feet, both men crack heads. Both men get back to their feet and RVD launches himself into Anderson with a big cross body that sends both men over the top rope to the outside. Van Dam breaks the count, and both men trade blows on the outside, fighting up to the ramp where Anderson is able to connect with the mic check.

The referee is counting, and both men are crawling back to the ring, but neither man is able to make it back into the ring before 10.

Double Count Out

It's main event time!

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