WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results (4-8-11): Christian Vs Del Rio, Sin Cara & More!

Winner: Cody Rhodes with the Cross Rhodes

Postmatch: Cody starts beating on Barreta until Mysterio runs down the ring to make the save. Rey immediately tries to take off Cody's face mask, but Cody scurries away and retreats backstage and we have another commercial break.

Back from break and they show the replay of Monday Night when Cena called out The Rock. The replay shows it all in it's entireity. Before the break, they show Edge & Christian talking backstage about their match. Edge walks off leaving his belt behind with Christian, who sits down and stares at it for a moment until Edge comes back for it laughing and we go to break.

LayCool vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

Back from break and out comes Lay Cool, and as they get to the ring, a replay is shown of Snooki at Mania. Out comes Kelly & Beth to Kelly's music to a nice pop. Beth & Michelle start things out, with the Pheonix showing no ring rust and taking it to Michelle. During the match, Layla is standing on the bottom rope when Michelle who is slung against the ropes, knocks Layla hard to the floor. Michelle, not seeing the hit, is in her corner wondering where Layla is and wonders what she's doing. Do they have mic's on these two? Because as they're arguing, they're really loud. Layla finally tags in and is overpowered by Beth who lifts her high above her shoulders, bringing her down across the turnbuckle in her corner & giving her a kick to the gut. Kelly is finally brought into this match as she's tagged into some cheers from the crowd. She plants herself on Layla's shoulders, and does that "Tagiri spiderlike maneuver" minus the lock around the ropes. She basically dangles upside down for a moment before landing upright, getting cheers from everybody, before taking the legs out from under Layla. She then goes upstairs to land a cross body on Layla and gets a 2 count. She slaps Layla on the butt, taunts her, then slaps her before giving her a faceplant. She gets another 2 count before Layla powers out of it, and goes to her corner for a tag, but Michelle feigns a back injury. The distraction allows Kelly to come from behind, roll Layla up for the 1-2-3 & the win!

Winner: Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix with a roll up.

Postmatch: Michelle is walking off, complaining her back hurts. But no fighting between the two, they just walk backstage arguing between each other. Wonder who is going to go face after this? We have another break.

Back from break to a replay of the Cole/JR altercation from Raw on Monday. Cole is now in the ring getting a lot of heat. He laughs about shooting JR and does his "May I have your attention" spiel. He brings out Jack Swagger who gets about as much heat as Cole did. Jack takes the mic and asks for everyone to sit down, and starts bragging how he got Cole ready for Mania. This promo is clearly just to push them as heels and to set up Sin Cara to be a face with the WWE Universe. As the two of them are doing a victory lap around the inside of the ring, Sin Cara's music hits to a large pop. He points to both sides of the crowd, then to the ring, before running to the ring and actually clearing the top rope as he leaps over it. Swagger stares him down, while Cara looks back & forth to the crowd like he's on The Price Is Right. Swagger shoves Cara against the ropes, who runs to the other side as he ducks a clothesline from Swagger. Before he hits the other ropes, he does a handstand, bounces off the ropes, flips upright as he nails Swagger with a clothesline. He bounces off the ropes again, uses his legs to toss Swagger through the ropes & to the outside. He bounces off the ropes one more time to fly over the ropes and nail Swagger with a corkscrew dive to the floor! As Swagger scurries away, Cara retreats backstage as his music hits with the replays of his moves.

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