WWE RAW Results (4-11) - Five Man #1 Contender Gauntlet Match & Edge Retires!

Winner: Sin Cara

No postmatch, just another commercial break.

Back from break to a replay of Corre's attempted attack on Rock & Cena last week. After the clip, we're back at the arena and Corre are in the middle of the ring. Barrett starts talking about their failed atttack on them last week. He starts pushing his own heel button when he blames the rest of the Corre for their failure. Gabriel takes the mic from him first and starts boasting himself, claiming he's a 3 time tag champ, before Slater takes the mic and says "We are 3 time tag champs." He then says that no one is taking their success away, not Barrett, Nexus, or Corre, before Big Zeke takes the mic and says his piece. He calls himself dominent, bragging about slamming Big Show, as he gets the biggest positive reaction from the crowd during his promo. As he goes off on his rant, Santino's music hits and he's not alone. He comes out with Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, & Evan Bourne. Santino calls his group the APPLE (Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything you stand for). Bourne, Bryan, & Henry barely contain their laughter at this, as Santino challenges Corre to a fight. Santino says "Apple powers, unite!" as he asks for them to bump fists on the stage, and Henry has this look on his face that says he thinks this is pathetic, & they come to the ring as we go to break.

APPLE vs CORRE (Santino, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, & Mark Henry vs IC Champ Wade Barrett, Tag Champs Gabriel & Slater, & Ezekiel Jackson)

This match concept was just to rediculous to go on about the details here. As Santino goes for the Cobra, he's kicked in the head from behind, allowing Slater to hit his finisher & get the pinfall.

Winner: CORRE

Cole & Lawler go back and forth about their upcoming match, as JR's Sooner music hits to a nice pop from the crowd. During his entire entrance, Cole taunts him from his litter box. , which still has police tape on it for some reason. JR eventually starts going after Cole, literally rattling his cage. Swagger then comes from out of nowhere, but is cut off by Lawler and we have chaos before the match is to start, after the break.

Jerry Lawler vs Jack Swagger

Back from break, and this match is underway, while Matthews is solo on commentary. Cole continues to rant at ringside as JR cheers on Lawler. Cole running his mouth during this match is more annoying than Vickie's "Excuse Me" bit, making it look like a quiet walk in the park. Matthews has apparently been told by producers in the back to stay off commentary, just so that the TV audience can hear Cole & JR at ringside. Sorry guys, I had to mute this thing halfway through, as Cole's mouth was like nails on a chalkboard. When Jerry finally worked back and had Swagger under control, Cole got on the apron long enough to distract King for Swagger to hit him from behind. Cole remained on the apron until JR came around and pulled him off of it, much to the crowd's delight. When Swagger came over to take out JR, Lawler came from behind to get the roll up and the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler

Postmatch: Lawler & JR celebrate at ringside as Cole & Swagger both look dumbstruck. It is said here by Matthews that because of the win, Lawler gets to face Cole at Extreme Rules & Lawler gets to choose the match AND the stipulation. Cole gets into the ring and starts berating Swagger for losing the match, even repeatedly attempting to give Swagger the "Finger Poke of Doom" & slapping Swagger across the face. Swagger only fumes & does not go after Cole, who is retreating back to the ramp. Lawler picks up the mic to name his terms. He says that he makes their match a tag match between him & JR versus Cole & Swagger. He asks Swagger what he thinks of that his partner is the guy who just slapped the taste out of his mouth. Matthews then takes us to a clip highlighting Mania's match between Taker & HHH, featuring comments from other superstars. Christian, Austin, Big Show, CM Punk, Edge, Orton, Patterson, Cena, and The Rock finishing with H's words from Raw last week. Before the break, we are shown Cena with Edge backstage, as Cena simply nods & shakes Edge's hands as he walks to the ring. His announcement is coming up next. Truly surreal to see the amount of respect between those two there.

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