Source: PWInsider

-- Ronnie Lang's Atlas Security, the company that has worked for CZW, TNA, WWE and now Lucha Libre USA, will be featured on TruTV Monday night at 9PM ET. The show they will be featured on is All Worked Up, a show that focuses on those working in the security world. There have been talks about doing a TV series based on Atlas Security in the past.

-- Jeff Sheridan sent this one along: As of 5/4, Sirius XM's Outlaw Country channel, which has Hillbilly Jim's weekly "Moonshine Matinee" show, will be switched. The Outlaw Country channel will be channel 60 for both Sirius & XM users. Previously, it was on two different channels, one for each provider.

-- Jimmy Hart made an appearance in Miami for WWE yesterday, and you can read about at this link.

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