WWE RAW Results (6/13) - Cena Vs. Punk, Piper Vs. Miz... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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A segment aired about Kelly Kelly and the Bella twins appearing on The Price is Right.

The Bella Twins, Melina, Maryse, Rosa Mendes, Tamina and Alicia Fox vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kaitlyn and AJ.

In a quick match, Kelly pinned Mendes. After the match, Eve said the Tony awards were last night and they should show a WWE tribute to Broadway. The faces then got arm in arm and started doing kicks like the Rockettes.

A recap of Andy winning Tough Enough last week is shown.

Austin is shown talking to Andy backstage. He gives Andy a beer, and CM Punk comes in. Austin asked Andy to leave. Austin asked Punk if he wanted a beer and Punk kept asking "What?" Punk asked Austin if he can say his alphabet backwards, and Austin said he can whip Punk's a-- backwards. Austin told Punk that Nexus is banned and that he has an announcement to make, and he's going to go do it now.

Austin's music hits and he rides to the ring on a four-wheeler and grabs a mic. He thanks everyone for coming out and before he can say more, the RAW GM chimes in. The GM says Austin did a fair job, but that he will be back next week. Austin says there is still a little time left and he's still the GM. He then says that next week will be another three hour show and the fans will make the matches and stipulations. RAW GM keeps chiming in and Austin finally chases Cole off. The chime keeps going off and Austin grabs the laptop and a beer, throws the laptop on the ramp and dumps his beer on it. Austin then heads to the back with his four-wheeler and runs over the laptop. He then runs back to the ring, says it's good to be back "and that's the bottom line", then shakes Booker T's hand and takes off.

Another promo for Capitol Punishment aired, featuring Sheamus, Christian, Cody Rhodes, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle.

CM Punk vs. John Cena

Punk enters the ring first, and then takes a seat in the ring while he waits for Cena. Cena's out next to a LOUD reaction, mixed with cheers and boos. Once the music stopped, it was mostly boos for Cena and a loud "CM Punk" chant, followed by loud dueling "Let's Go Cena"/"CM Punk" chants, which continued for awhile.

Late in the match, Cena got the upper hand and R-Truth started walking through the crowd with a mic in tow. He takes a hat from a kid in the crowd and threatens to throw water on him, distracting Cena. Punk capitalized, and nailed Cena with the GTS and got the pin.

CM Punk defeated John Cena

After the match, Truth nailed Cena with his water bottle before downing him with his finisher. Truth then grabbed the belt, sttod over Cena and said that he was going to beat Cena this Sunday... and that's the truth! Truth then headed to the back with the belt.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off in our comments section below.

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