Credit: Mike Johnson/Pwinsider

Kelly and Santamaria previewed the main event and introduced ROH champion Eddie Edwards, who came to the ring. Kelly said it was the biggest match in his career and the first time that the champion has ever challenged the challenger and asked for his thoughts. Edwards said that he challenged Davey Richards not because he disliked Richards or has a problem with Davey, but one with himself. He said that he asks himself if he deserves the championship and whether he's better than Richards. He said that at an event titled "Best in the World" they are going to leave it all in the ring and find out who the better man is. Edwards said that ROH is going to show everyone why they, the company, are the best in the the world tonight.

Dark Match:

Generation Me vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reily

Generation Me got a huge "welcome back" chant from the NYC faithful, followed by a louder "F*** TNA" chant.

O'Reily and Jeremy started out. O'Reily nailed him with some offense. Cole and Kyle double teamed Jeremy with some hot, fast attraction. Jeremy ended up on the outside and O'Riley went for a running dive off the apron but Max grabbed his leg. He kicked off Max and Cole hit a dive to the outside on Max. O'Riley then hit a running dropkick off the apron on Jeremy. Huge "ROH" chant.

The former Bucks took over and hit a dive on Cole. They took turns working over Cole, tagging in and out. Jeremy stomped away at Cole and cinched in an armbar. He brought Cole over to the corner and Max came off with a double stomp to the arm, screaming "Yoshino" as he did it.

Gen Me continued double teaming Cole as O'Riley rallied the crowd for his partner. Cole nailed a jawbreaker and made the hot tag. O'Riley nailed a kick to Jeremy sending him to the floor. He nailed both Bucks with a series of kicks and nailed a double Dragon Screw legwhip on both at the same time. He then nailed a missile dropkick on Max for a two count. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

O'Riley nailed a series of butterfly supleses. Cole hit a German on Max for a two count. Max backdropped Cole to the floor and hit a twisting springboard Ace Crusher on O'Riley for a two count. He tried to nail a sunset flip bomb on Cole who fought it but was nailed by Jeremy and finally Max hit it. The Bucks nailed O'Riley and Max hit a 450 splash for a two count.

Max accidentally nailed his brother on a charge. O'Riley drilled him with a kick. He nailed a tornado DDT. Cole superkicked Max as he was picked up for a suplex. Cole and O'Riley sunk in stereo guillotine chokes but before anyone could tap, the Bravado Brothers.

Winners by DQ, Generation Me!

The other teams dispatched the Bravados. The crowd chanted, "Let them fight" but it was not to be. They all shook hands and showed respect to each other. The crowd applauded but you could hear some people yelling, "Bullsh**" as well.

Dave Prazak is now at ringside, so he is doing announcing tonight after all.

Jim Cornette and Cary Silkin came to ringside to a big pop. Cornette joined the announcing team in the ring.

The PPV opened with all three in the ring. Kelly welcomed everyone. Cornette said that for everyone in the Hammerstein Ballroom for being the biggest crowd in ROH history. He said that it's not only the biggest crowd in company history but the early indications are that today's PPV is the most watched company event in history.

Cornette said that thanks to all the support of the fans around the world, today is a new era for ROH. He said that for everyone that thinks pro wrestling is dead and it's all sports-entertainment now, he has a message for them and that's, "kiss my bit fat white butt."

Cornette asked the crowd if they were ready to see the ROH wrestlers set the ring on fire and said let's get to it.

Colt Cabana vs. Tommaso Ciampa (with Prince Nana, RE Barrister andErnesto Osiris)

No Princess Mia Yim.

They locked up and Cabana got the better of the early exchange. Ciampa grabbed an arm but Cabana reversed it and maneuvered him into an elbow to the mush. Cabana played games with Ciampa's head and rolled him up for a two count. Cabana began working over his leg but was kicked in the head.

Cabana continued to thwart Ciampa's offense until turning his attention to Nana and Osiris, kicking at them. That allowed Ciampa to nail a flap jack, hanging Cabana on the ropes and nailing him with a dropkick.

Ciampa worked over Cabana, including stomping him hard in the corner. He nailed a running knee to Cabana's face for a two count. Ciampa drilled him with a right hand and slammed him facefirst into the turnbuckles. Ciampa snapmared Cabana over and cinched in a side chinlock.

Cabana fought his way out and nailed a series of rights. He went for a quebrada but Ciampa saw it coming and pulled his knees up. Cabana kicked him off from a charge. He Hotshotted him into the turnbuckles. Cabana nailed a series of rights and did some clubbering.

Cabana nailed the Butt Butt on Ciampa and went to whip him into the corner. Ciampa reversed and sent Cabana into the corner. He positioned Cabana on the second rope and nailed a bridging German suplex for a two count.

Cabana tried to go for the Billy Goat's Curse but Ciampa grabbed the ropes. Cabana went for the Flying A****le but Ciampa kicked him. He nailed his finisher, the powerbomb over the knees and it didn't look smooth but did the job.

Your winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

Decent opener. I liked it.

Mike Bennett (with Brutal Bob Evans) vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal got a huge welcoming committee as the ring was showered with streamers. He looked surprised by that. Big "welcome back" chant followed by a "F**k TNA" chant followed by a "F*** Hulk Hogan" chant.

The crowd then began chanting, "Randy Savage." Lethal did the Savage finger twirl.

They locked up and Bennet forced Lethal into the corner. He gave a clean break in a condenscending way and laughed at Lethal. They locked up again and Bennett grabbed an arm. He again did the clean break, mocking Lethal.

Lethal shoulderblocked him down, evaded a leapfrog and nailed a hard chop. Lethal nailed the cartwheel into the dropkick and covered Bennett for a two count. The crows chanted for Lethal as he chopped away at Bennett in the corner.

He whipped Bennett into the corner but was lifted up and over. Lethal came back into the ring with a leaping rana that sent Bennett to the outside, then followed up with a great suicide dive.

Bennett kicked off Lethal as he returned to the ring. Evans grabbed him and nailed a sideslam on the apron. Bennett worked over Lethal on the floor and posed, mocking him. Bennett tossed Lethal back into the ring for a two count.

Bennett continued to work over Lethal with chops and headbutts. Lethal fired back but was kicked in the gut. Bennett nailed a nice vertical suplex for another two count. Bennett used a surfboard to try and force a submission but Lethal forced his way to his feet and out of the move. Bennett maneuvered him back into it and twisted Lethal's back.

Lethal elbowed his way out but Bennett drilled him. Lethal escaped a charge in the corner and unloaded with a series of hot moves, including a springboard handspring elbow. Lethal went to the middle rope and nailed a leaping leg lariat for a two count. Lethal went to the top rope but Evans distracted him. Lethal nailed him but Bennett drilled Lethal and superplexed him into the ring for a two count.

Bennett went to the top rope but missed an elbow. Lethal nailed a superkick and went to the top for the flying elbow, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Jay Lethal!

Very good back and forth match. This may have been the best Bennett has looked to date in ROH. Lethal's homecoming was a great one.

Lethal led a huge "Macho Man" chant before heading out.

Ghetto Street Fight: Homicide vs. Rhino

Homicide took the mic and told Nana and Rhino to get out and get his ass kicked in the best city in the world - "F*** Michigan!" Rhino hit the ring and they brawled. Rhino drilled him with a monster shoulderblock. Homicide came back with a Lucha armdrag. Rhino went to the outside where he was nailed with a tope con hilo to the floor.

They returned to the ring, where Rhino sent Homicide into the air and crashing to the mat. Homicide rolled to the outside where Rhino nailed a pescado to the floor. That's so damn impressive for him to pull that out.

They battled on the outside. Homicide tried to piledrive Rhino through a table but instead was backdropped through it. Rhino pulled a ladder out from under the ring and tossed it into the ring. Homicide nailed him and drilled Rhino with a series of punches in the corner on the outside and bit him in the face. Homicide chased Nana around the ring but was nailed by Rhino. Rhino whipped him into the railing and charged him.

Back in the ring, Rhino drilled Homicide with the ladder. Rhino worked him over with punches and kicks. He went for a suplex but Homicide reversed it and sent Rhino down across the ladder. Rhino reversed a whip attempt and hiptossed Homicide onto part of the ladder.

Rhino pressed and dropped Homicide onto the ladder. Homicide kicked up at two and Nana screamed at the referee. Homicide went for him but Rhino attacked him. They battled back and forth. Homicide nailed a drop toehold into the corner and went to the middle turnbuckle for a flying shoulderblock, getting a two count.

Homicide continued working over Rhino but was caught and spiked with a piledriver. Rhino covered him but Homicide got his shoulder up at the last second. The crowd chanted, "F**k you Rhino." Rhino set up Homicide for a superplex in the corner and drilled him with a right. Rhino went for the superplex but Homicide nailed a series of headbutts and took Rhino down to the mat. Homicide went a frog splash but Rhino got his knees up.

Rhino went for the gore but Homicide kicked him in the face and nailed the Ace Crusher. Rhino kicked up at two. Rhino pulled another table from under the ring. Fans began chanting for fire. Yeah, good luck with that. Homicide was cut off. Rhino set up the table in the corner for an eventual gore.

Rhino nailed a belly to belly suplex and geared up for the gore. He went for it but Homicide sunset flipped him and scored the pin.

Your winner, Homicide!

Homicide got his hands on Nana and drilled him with a right hand but Rhino charged and gored hm through the table. A number of referees and trainees came out to check on Homicide's condition. He was carried out.

Steve Corino (with Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Michael Elgin (with Truth Martini)

Corino took the mic and introduced himself. He said he was an evil person, but each day, Jimmy Jacobs and himself are trying to get a little better. He said that for the last six months. he's been trying to become a better person and thanked everyone for cheering for him. He said Jacobs came to him and said they needed to make a change, and they are trying to do just that. He said there is someone else that wants to make a change and wants his own redemption. The fans chanted, "Mr. Wrestling."

Corino apologized to the ROH officials and new owners, but everyone needs a new chance. He introduced Kevin Steen, returning for the first time sine Final Battle. Steen was in the balcony of the Hammerstein and got a big reaction. Steen ran down to ringside but when he tried to hop the railing, Jim Cornette and an army of officials stopped him. Steen saluted the fans and stopped trying to get into the ringside area. He's lost a ton of weight.

Elgin tried to attack Corino who sidestepped him and flew to the outside. He nailed a shoulderblock into the ring. They went back and forth with chops and punches. Elgin drilled him with a series of shoulderblocks in the corner but missed a charge.

Corino nailed him with a back suplex but Elgin popped right up. He challenged Corino to hit him. Corino nailed a lariat and locked in an abdominal stretch, then stuck a thumb in the rectum. Elgin was sent to the outside and drilled with a sliding kick. Corino went a dive but was caught by Elgin. Elgin nailed a running Oklahoma Slam into the railing and then hit a running powerslam on the floor. That' insane.

Back in the ride, Corino kicked off several attempts at a charge by Elgin but was finally nailed and run into the corner, then hit with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Elgin went for Kevin Steen's package piledriver finisher but Corino backdropped him. Corino was sent into the ringpost corner first. Elgin locked in a Boston Crab while on the ropes.

Elgin drilled Corino with a series of clotheslines. Corino fired back with a spinning backfist. He went for a running lariat but Martini tripped him. Jimmy Jacobs chased and caught Martino but Elgin went for him. Corino rolled him up for a two count, then nailing a running knee .

Elgin caught Corino and nailed him with a TKO and a high knee. He grabbed Corino, who was on his knees and pulled him into the air for a vertical suplex. This guy's power is insane. He powerbombed Corino down for a two count. The crowd rallied Corino but Elgin powerbombed him into the corner, then nailed a sitdown powerbomb for the clean pin.

Your winner, Michael Elgin!

Elgin and Truth worked over Corino. Jacobs hit the ring but was overwhelmed. The crowd chanted for Steen. Elgin powerbombed Jacobs hard in the ring. Corino covered Jacobs to protect him. Steen finally charged the rail and hit the ring and the place exploded. Steen and Elgin brawled. Steen ended up powerbombing him and superkicked Martini out of the ring.

ROH officials and Jim Cornette hit the ring and went to throw him out of the building. Corino took the mic and asked them to wait and said that Steen deserved to talk. He led a chance to "Let Kevin Talk."

ROH officials and Jim Cornette hit the ring and went to throw him out of the building. Corino took the mic and asked them to wait and said that Steen deserved to talk. He led a chance to "Let Kevin Talk."

Steen took the mic and said that he won't take long. Steen said he's thankful for the chance to stand in the ring. He said that he wanted everyone to know how sorry he was for everything. He said that he wanted to thank everyone, like Cary Silkin, Jim Cornette and the new owners for having the chance to say what he needed to say.

"My name is Kevin Steen...and F*** Ring of Honor!" WOW! AWESOME.

Corino went after Steen, who drilled him and nailed a Package Piledriver. Everyone from ROH grabbed him and dragged him out of the building. Jim Cornette took the mic and swore on his mother's grave that was the last time we'd ever see him in an ROH building again. The crowd still booed him for that.

They went to intermission as they attempted to help Corino out of the ring.

They just announced a return to the upstairs Ballroom on Saturday 9/17.

ROH TV champion Christopher Daniels (with Truth Martini) vs. El Generico

Daniels drilled Generico with a big boot as they kicked off the match. He worked over Generico and drilled him with a leg lariat. Daniels ran Generico into the turnbuckles but Generico is able to block a second one and drilled Daniels. They go into a nice sequence that ends with Daniels taking headscissors to the outside.

Generico nailed a dropkick through the ropes to the outside. Generico whipped Daniels hard into the railing. Daniels nailed Generico and whipped him into the railing but Generico jumped up and moonsaulted off the railing onto Daniels. That really brought the crowd up.

Generico sent Daniels into the ringpost and then tossed him back into the ring. Daniels begged off and asked for a handshake. Daniels wants a handshake? Generico took his hand and then slapped him hard. Generico worked him over with punches in the corner.

Daniels drilled Generico with a clothesline and then peppered him with right hands on the mat. Daniels choked Generico against the buckles with his boot. He strangled Generico against the ropes, then came down across his back. Daniels did the Jeff Jarrett strut to get heat and the crowd was all over him with a "F*** TNA."

Daniels snapped Generico on the ropes and forced his knee down on Generico's chest. He deposited Generico rudely to the floor. Generico sunset flippped Daniels for a two count. Daniels caught Generico and locked in a scissor choke using the ropes. Daniels kicked Generico down and stalked him. Daniels covered him for a two count, then cinched in a side chinlock.

Daniels locked on a Cobra Clutch. Generico fought out of it but was slammed down. Daniels nailed an Arabian Press. Daniels chopped Generico but Generico made the comeback. He sent Daniels to the outside and scored with a huge flip dive to the outside.

Generico tossed Daniels into the ring and nailed a flying bodypres for a two count. Generico nailed a Blue Thunder Driver for another two count. Generico went for a move but was caught with an STO and then rolled into the Kokina Clutch. Generico tried to fight his way out of it. Generico got his foot to the rope, forcing a break.

Daniels nailed a jawbreaker and an enziguiri. He went for Angel's Wings but Generico backdropped his way out of it. Daniels then caught him with Last Rites but Generico kicked up at two. Daniels popped him with a right. They battled back and forth. Daniels caught him with a palm thrust but Generico nailed a big boot.

They battled into the corner. Daniels went to charge but Generico nailed him with a running Yakuka Kick. He drilled Daniels with a brainbuster for a two count. The crowd began chanting "Ole Ole" for Generico. Generico tied Daniels to the tree of woe and nailed a flip Van Terminator. Daniels again kicked out at the last second.

Generico followed Daniels, who had rolled out to the apron. He tried for the brainbuster but Daniels nailed him and shoved him off into the barriers on the floor. Daniels suplexed him on the floor. Daniels grabbed the TV title belt and wrapped it around his waist, as if he expected to win while Generico was being counted out.

Behind him, Generico rolled back into the ring, surprising Daniels. Generico chopped him hard but was caught with an Uranage. Generico fought back and got his legs up during a BME attempt. Generico nailed the turnbuckle brainbuster and scored the pinfall.

Your winner and new ROH TV champion, El Generico!

A very good match. They had some great near falls towards the end and it built well. Crowd chanted "That Was Awesome" after it was over.

ROH Tag Team champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kings of Wrestling (with Sara del Rey and Shane Hagadorn) vs. Briscoes vs. All Night Express

KOW were rapped in by the guy that does their music. Titus and Haas started the match. Haas gave his hat to a kid in the front row. The NYC crowd chanted "Little Jimmy". Haas and Titus went back and forth. Haas caught him with a big kick. He took down Titus and began working over his leg, then tied him up on the mat.

Titus slipped out and locked in an abdominal stretch variation. Haas hiptossed his way out of it and backdropped Titus to the apron. Titus nailed him and went for a slingshot splash but Hass pulled his knees up. Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin tagged in.

They locked up. Benjamin and King went back and forth. King scored with a high dropkick. They had a great back and forth until Benjamin hit him with a cross bodyblock for a two count. Haas tagged in and slammed King for another two count. One of the Briscoes took a shot at King, who fired back. King drilled Haas but Claudio blind tagged in and nailed him with a big forearm.

Claudio rolled him down on the mat. He forced King into the corner and tagged in Hero. They nailed a double boot to the face. Hero drilled King with a chop. Briscoe tagged King with a punch and goit punched again. They allowed Hero to work on him but King made a comeback. He monkeyflipped Hero out and Titus dropkicked him.

Titus and King double teamed Hero. The fans chanted, "Let's go Hero." The ANE continued beating on him and getting a two count. Hero regained control and tagged in Claudio, who cinched in a side chinlock. Titus fought his way out but was shoved into the Briscoes' corner. They started working him over. Haas tossed Jay out of the ring and hit a pescado to the outside. Titus hit a flip dive to the outside on them.

Mark looked to do a dive but was jumped by the Kings. He backdropped Claudio out of the ring and went to the top for a moonsault to the floor. King was going to do a dive but Hero laid him out with a running forearm, then hit a moonsault backflip out of the ring to the floor. King went to the top to do a move but was cut off by Claudio, who drilled him wth a forearm.

Claudio went for a Ricola Bomb off the top. They battled on top when Benjamin leapt to the top and suplexed them both off the top. Briscoes jumped Benjamin and began doubling him, clearing the ring. The Briscoes took control of the match and covered Benjamin several times. They beat down Benjamin in their corner. Jay drilled him with a high knee as Benjamin rebounded off the ropes.

Jay locked in a chinlock on Benjamin, who tried to fight his way up but was forced back down. Jay tagged in Hero. The Kings made a wish with Benjamin's legs several times. Claudio cinched in an armbar and worked over Benjmamin's arm. Benjamin tried to force his way up to his feet and did, forcing Claudio into a corner. Unfortunately for him, it was the Briscoes' corner and they blindtagged in and continued beating down Shelton.

Haas finally made the hot tag and clotheslined everyone, then drilled the Kings in the corner. He nailed a back suplex on one of the Briscoes. Titus tagged uin and worked over The Briscoes. Mark caught him with a nasty throw and Jay drilled him with a killer clothesline. King and Jay traded blows and Jay took King's head off with a running boot.

The Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device but Titus nailed a forward roll for a near fall. The Briscoes killed Titus with several moves but he kept kicking out. King jumped into the fray as did Mark. King drilled Jay with a nice dropkick in the corner and hit a backbreaker. The ANE hit a varation on the old Demolition finisher, except Titus nailed a flying kneedrop.

Titus pinned Jay, eliminating the Briscoes.

Half the crowd sang "Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" while others were chanting "Bullsh**."

Titus waited to see who would challenge him next and it was the Kings' Claudio. Hero tried to attack Titus from behind asnd he fired against them both with chops. King chased Hero to the floor. Claudio tagged Benjamin and left. The Kings acted like they were brilliant since they were safe from being eliminated and the other teams would destroy each other.

Titus battled Benjamin. He went for a big dropkick but Titus held onto the ropes. Hero tagged in and nailed a back senton splash. Hero drilled Benjamin into the turnbuckles. Claudio came off with a big axehandle. Claudio locked in a Camel Clutch, trying to force the submission.

Benjamin fought out of it and used the Electric Chair. He tried to tag out but Claudio caught his leg and tagged Hero. Hero nailed Haas and then started working over Benjamin on the mat. Haas tried to get in but was held back by the referee. That distraction allowed Hero the chance to nail Benjamin with a stiff jumping kick for a two count.

The Kings whipped Benjamin hard into the buckles for a two count. Benjamin caught Claudio with a back elbow and ducked down, sending Hero out of the ring. Claudio tried to prevent a tag but was nailed with a kick. Benjamin went for the tag but Hero pulled Haas off the apron, stopping the tag.

The Kings went for their double boot but Benjamin nailed them and tagged in King. King nailed some nice offense, including a standing moonsault for a two count, Claudio attacked but was caught with a Sidewalk Slam. King nailed Hero with a Fisherman's suplex for a two count. ANE double teamed on Hero, who kicked up after a series of kicks.

Hero came back with a kick to the head and a roaring elbow for a two count on Titus. Some fan threw streamers from the balcony. NYC pointed him out and chanted, "what a d***." Hope he gets tossed. Claudio tagged in but was caught by ANE with a double team move. Hero drilled him with a loaded elbowpad and Claudio covered Titus.

The ANE is eliminated.

Hero continued working over Haas, getting several near falls. Claudio and Hero tagged in and out, nailing Haas with double team maneuvers. Haas ducked a move and forced the Kings into each other, then hit a release German suplex on Hero.

Benjamin made the hot tag and nailed the Stinger Splash, then a bulldog off the ropes. Hero and Claudio went for a double suplex but Benjamin turned it into a double DDT. Haas and Benjamin set up Hero for their patented double team hanging splash. Haas hit the Olympic Slam for a two count.

Haas charged Hero in the corner but was nailed with a high knee and a leg lariat. Claudio tagged in and covered him for a near fall. Claufio went for the airplane spin and nailed it, then covered Haas for a two count.

Claudio nailed the big swing into a Hero dropkick for a two count. The Kings went for their finisher but Haas escaped and Hero accidentally speared Claudio. Haas and Benjamin drilled Hero with a double sidewalk slam and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!

Lots of really good wrestling here.

After the match, The Briscoes returned to blast the champions with chairs to the head. Hero and Claudio were challenged but instead sat on the turnbuckles and offered the champs up to the Briscoes. Briscoes beat the hell out of the champs with chairshot after chairshot. The KOW left the ring. The ANE hit the ring, tossing a trash can in while wielding sticks.

ROH champion Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

Lots of back and forth chanting as they faced off. They locked up and went back and forth trying to gain an advantage. Edwards was forced against the ropes and they broke clean. They locked up again and this time they broke clean. Richards tried to throw a kick but Edwards evaded it and they faced off.

They went back and forth wrestling and went for a Test of strength. Richards was forced down to the mat but forced his way back up. He then forced Edwards back up and Edwards forced his way back up. Richards snapmared him over and drilled him in the back. Edwards responded in kind. They began battled back and forth. Richards drilled him with a running kick to the chest. Unbelievably stiff.

Richards nailed a snap suplex for a two count. He tied up Edwards on the map and used a Texas Cloverleaf variation. Edwards escaped and fought back with sit-out F5. Edwards tagged Richards with a kick and a gutwretch suplex.

Edwards locked on an armbar but Richards made it to the ropes to break it. Richards fired his way out of the corner with massive shots but was taken down by Edwards and covered for a two count. Edwards drilled him with a headbutt and a kick to the face. He tagged Davey with a chop. He whipped Richards into the corner but was tossed up and over to the floor. Richards went for a kick off the apron, but Edwards ducked. Richards tagged him on the rebound, then hit an inside suicide dive to the floor.

Edwards was tossed bacck into the ring and Richards nailed him with a missile dropkick. He charged Eddie but was kicked off Edwards hit a leaping enziguiri. Richards rolled him over in a crossarm breaker but Edwards escaped. Richards locked in a Kimura.

He forced Edwards into the corner and tagged him with a series of stiff kicks to the chest. Edwards was hoisted to the top rope, where Richards went for a superplex. They battled back and forth with headbutts. Richards was sent to the mat but rebounded with a leaping kick. He nailed a superplex with both standing on the top and then pulled him into a cross arm breaker. Edwards broke the move and turned it into a Boston Crab.

Richards made it to the ropes and they tagged each other with hot slaps. They continued to go back and forth with near falls. Incredible stuff. Richards drilled Edwards with another kick to the chest. He went for a handspring elbow but was caught and tossed, landing rudely on his face.

Edwards nailed a running knee to the face. Richards cut him off but was caught with a fisherman's buster for two count. Edwards, now selling his arm, chopped Richards with the other one. Richards tried to pull himself together and nailed a hard knee to Edwards' bad arm. Edward fired back but was caught with a rolling cross armbreaker.

Edwards slipped out and stomped away on Richards, who fired back and caught him with an armbreaker. They went back and forth beating the hell out of each other. Edwards drilled Richards with a hard kick to the back, sending him to the floor. Edwards nailed a moonsault to the floor, crashing into Richards and the guard rail in a scary moment.

Edwards killed Richards with a missile dropkick. Richards chopped away at Edwards. Edwards caught him with a back suplex for a two count. They fired away with forearms. Richards started to stagger. They battled back and forth with strikes like an MMA match. Edwards drilled Richards with a flying knee. This pretty much a war of attrition.

They battled to the outside, where Edwards attempted a suplex. Richards nailed several kick. Edwards nailed a 2K1 Bomb on the apron. That was insane. They teased a double countout but both returned at the 17 count. Edwards nailed a double stomp off the top through a table on the floor. The crowd chanted, "You just killed him."

Back in the ring, Edwards nailed another double stomp off the ropes but Richards kicked up. Edwards tagged him with slaps but was nailed with a kick. Edwards' leg was caught up in the ropes but Richards came off the top with a big knee drop.

Richards locked on the anklelock in the center of the ring but Eddie made it to the ropes. He drilled Richards with a kick. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" and they were right. This was just all out pro wrestling greatness with kickass physicality.

They battled on the ropes. Edwards nailed several back elbows sending Richards to the mat. Richards returned and was sent off again. A third time, Richards beat the hell out of him with headbutts. Richards tossed him with a back superplex. Richards drilled him with an awesome superkick and locked on the anklelock. Edwards rolled through and locked in one of his own. Richards reversed and locked in a heel hook. Edwards reversed but Richards rolled through with an anklelock. Edwards finally made it to the ropes.

They battled atop the announcing table with Richards beating down Edwards. They exchanged kicks. Edwards ducked and Davey kicked the ringpost, going down. They recovered and each climbed the turnbuckle, battling. Edwards was shoved off and landed on the apron. He rolled into the ring and went after Richards, who was still on the top. Edwards tried to go for a top rope rana but Richards caught him for a powerbomb. In mid-air, Edwards turned it into a rana.

Edwards followed up with a powerbomb for a two count, then a massive lariat. He nailed Davey with a 2K1 Bomb for a two count, then locked on a single legged crab. Richards rolled over and began beating Edwards in the face with kicks but was forced back over. Edwards then locked in a full Texas Cloverleaf.

He covered Richards for another two count. He pulled Richards up but was caught with a nasty back suplex. Edwards then returned the favor with one of his own. They were almost counted down on the mat but returned to their knees, then their feet. They battled back and forth with forearms and chops, then kicks. They were showing their exhaustion but didn't let up. Richards tagged him with a kick to the gut and a hard lariat that sent Edwards spinning for a two count.

Richards tagged Edwards with hard punches and clothesline but he kicked up at one and fired up. Richards KILLED HIM with stiff kicks to the face but Edwards kicked up. Richards repeated the assault but Edwards kicked up at the last second. Richards drilled him with a hard running punt kick to the head and scored the pin.

Your winner and NEW ROH champion, Davey Richards!

OFF THE F**KING CHARTS, HARD HITTING MATCH. Unbelievably sick main event.

A number of wrestlers and ROH officials came out to check on both men, who took a long time to recover. Fans chanted "Match of the year" and "Best in the World." Richards and Edwards, spent, embraced each other. Edwards left the ring and Richards put on the title he's been chasing for the first time.

Fans began chanting his name as Richards took the ring mic. Edwards returned to the ring. Fans chanted Edwards' name. Richards said that this is his moment and said the fans and the boys are all the family he has. He told them they were there for him when his grandparents dying and his marriage ending and they are all his family. Richards said he has nothing but ROH and this and he thanked everyone for giving him a reason to get up when everything bad had gone down in his life and given him a reason to live. He said that the title means everything to him. He thanked Richards for setting the example and showing what a good person in. Edwards took the mic and told him that Richards is always talking about how good everyone else is but Edwards wouldn't be here right now if Davey hadn't believed in him. He thanked him and told him to take his moment and raise his arm like the champion he is.

Richards took the mic and apologized to everyone for doing this but he always wanted to and closed out saying, "Hey grandma. Hey grandpa. I did it!"

Incredible emotional, real closing to the evening. Hell of a main event, going 36 minutes and what a final scene. Off the charts.

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