Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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Result: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team via pinfall @ 40:08.
Rating: ****1/4
My thoughts: The last 25 minutes of this match were great, but I thought it started a little slow. I understand the feeling out process, and it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the match too much...but it could have been ****1/2 with just a little bit of a faster pace to start. This was a great, great match and I wouldn't be surprised if I like it more on second viewing.

Now we get ready for da bizniss...and I am pumped.

Davey has some new entrance gear and Eddie out's next. Davey and Eddie both get HUGE streamer treatment and the crowd seems about 60/40 in favor of Richards here.

Match #7 for the Ring of Honor World Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Davey Richards

Davey howls after the ring bell is rung. Davey's in trunks, not tights here. They tie-up to start and very aggressively struggle for an advantage. Davey gets Eddie in the ropes and gives the clean break. Another lock up and now Eddie gets Richards against the ropes and teases the clean break. He goes for a chop! Davey ducks it. Crowd is now 70/30 for Davey in their dueling chants. Davey clutches the wrist and Eddie rolls through, then vice verse. Eddie almost gets the Achilles Lock, but then Davey almost gets an ankle lock, and they break. Test of strength here and Eddie is powering Davey over. Davey bridges up and powers Eddie over and there's an escape. Danielson-style maneuvering while holding onto the arm and a snapmare from Davey leads to a big kick to the back of Eddie. They go at it and Davey hits that combo again and then gets another running kick to the CHEST of Eddie! Very nice. Davey hits a snap suplex on Eddie and covers for 1. He locks the arm over and gets a Texas Cloverleaf!! Love that hold so much. Eddie's reaching for the ropes and he gets them. Davey breaks at 2. Knee to the gut of Eddie. Again. Boot the midsection in the corner and a whip across the ring. Eddie goes over Davey and rolls him up for two. Fireman carry facebuster gets 1 for Eddie. HUGE chop to the chest of Richards knocks him down. Gutwrench suplex and a pin attempt from Eddie. Abdominal stretch from the champ and Edwards digs his elbow into the ribcage of the challenger. Davey gets the ropes with his foot and Eddie breaks at 4. Hard chop from Eddie and forearms from Davey before a big boot from the champ for a 1 count. Eddie's doing a good job of showing signs of a subtle heel. Strikes to Davey. Big chop the chest of Davey and his chest is already red. Headbutt from Edwards. He goes for a running something but is elevated over the top to the floor. Davey on the apron goes for a running chest kick but Eddie ducks. Davey catches him with it after turning around though. Davey gets in the ring and hits a Suicide Dive!! "This is wrestling" chant. Davey rolls Eddie back in and goes up top. Wolf howl. Missile dropkick to the back of Eddie! He goes for a running something but eats boot. He pulls Eddie off the top by his foot though and into a stiff kick to the chest. He charges Eddie in the corner but he moves. Davey goes up top but eats an enziguiri. Backpack chinbreaker seemingly hit by Eddie but Richards falls out of it into a cross armbreaker!!! Eddie's keeping the elbow bend and fights to his feet. Northern Lights Suplex from the champion....but Eddie grabs a Kimura!! Back to their feet and the champ is backed into the corner and eats some boots to the chest. Yum. Edwards perches up top and a kick to the face. Davey looks for a superplex and they're battling with headbutts up top!!! Enziguiri by Davey! Another headbutt to the jaw of the champ! Top rope superplex!! He rolls through and hits a Danielson special! He's got the champ in a cross armbreaker!! Eddie gets out and locks in the Achilles lock!! Davey is up and gets another cross armbreaker! Eddie rolls through but Davey holds on and has him trapped!!! That was close! Kicks to the chest of the champ and an Irish whip is handsprung by Davey...Eddie catches Davey in midair and gets sitout suplex slam! They trade control and Davey goes for an Alarm Clock...but Eddie transitions it into a Fisherman buster!!! Chops from the champ as we get dueling chants for the two. Chop from Eddie and he goes to the second rope for a diving double knee facebreaker! Davey dodges a clothesline and gets a cross armbreaker!! Eddie gets up and starts stomping Davey's face!! Davey locks the arm back into position, and Eddie finally gets back up and stomps his way out. Davey rolls to the apron, seated, and Eddie gets a running kick to the back! Eddie gets an Asai moonsault and catches Davey but ends up across the barricade! "ROH" chants as both men are down.

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