Another Report From The Awesome ROH-NYC I-PPV

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The crowd is dead as Davey's music plays for a few minutes...then when the music stops they give huge applause, "That was awesome" and "Match of the year" chants. That was weird. Both men sell the match for a few minutes and they make their way to their feet. They hug in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants "ROH" and then "Best in the World". Davey is in tears as Eddie raises his hand before leaving the ring.

Result: Davey Richards via pinfall @ 36:00
Rating: *****
My thoughts: Wow. This was easily my favorite of the three Davey championship matches. The immediate post-match vibe was weird, but that doesn't detract that this was a superb encounter. There were definitely some down periods of selling, but always in the right places. There weren't any unbelievable kick-outs and this is my Match of the Year right now.

Davey has a microphone and he motions Eddie back in the ring. While we get "Davey Richards" chants. Then "Eddie Edwards" chants. Davey talks about how he has no family and all you guys (he's in the ring with Eddie, Kyle O'Reilly, Tony Kozina, and one more face I don't know) are his family. Very heart-felt and he thanks everyone in the crowd. This truly feels like a great moment in his life and it's a great moment in Ring of Honor history. With what we glad, I'm really glad we didn't get the expected heel turn. Davey is talking about how Eddie is a great person and Eddie steals the mic and tells Davey to enjoy HIS moment. He asks for people to pardon him for doing this, but he looks up and says "Hey grandma, hey grandpa...I DID IT!" We close the show and this was probably the best Ring of Honor moment I've witnessed in the two years I've been following Indy wrestling.

Overall show thoughts: Order this show. Period. A very steady build in quality, two changes to very deserving challengers and Ring of Honor's championship scene looks almost identical to how I would want it. The Kevin Steen stuff before the intermission was the secondary reason I ordered this show, and the main event delivered exactly what I wanted it to. What a match. The only thing that really didn't do it for me was the opener, but that was only like 10 minutes of a nearly 4 hour show.
Show rating: ****3/4

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