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July 4th "A Flair for Freedom" BOGO Free Sale!
To celebrate the end of our legal battle with Ric Flair , Highspots.com is offering our customers another Buy One-Get One Free sale on select DVD's!

Choose from some of our best wrestling compilations featuring Sting, Chris Jericho, RVD and more. This sale also features our best selling Ric Flair 3-Disc shoot interview!

You can select from any one of the 20 DVD Titles below:

Ric Flair 3-Disc Shoot Interview
Classic Feud: Misawa vs. Kobashi
Chris Jericho : Around The World
Los Gringos Locos
Gaijin Legends of the 1980's
RVD in Japan
Acid Flashback: The Best of Trent Acid
Hayabusa: The Phoenix Never Dies
Onita: Best of Onita
Before She was Awesome: Evolution of Amazing Kong
Sting in Japan
DGUSA: Open The German Gate
DGUSA: Open The Spanish Gate
Sabu in Japan (2 Disc Set)
Eddy Guerrero in Japan (2 Disc Set)
Gaijin Legends of the 1970's (2 Disc Set)
Hair vs. Hair
Billy Jack Haynes Conspiracy Theory (1 disc set)
Chris Benoit: The Aftermath (1 Disc set)
Got Heat? (1 Disc set)

-- The QWEST Wrestling debut show on July 23rd in Orlando, Florida is not being specifically backed by Team 3D; however it will be using talent that graduated from the school. So far, the following are set to appear:

Rob Terry
Jessie Godderz
Los Ben Dejos
Buck Chyld
Irish Jack
"Slyck Sleazy" Sam Shaw
Theodore Stigma
Eddie Graves
The Fuggedaboudits - John Carino and Donnie Spataro
Simon Sez
Rocky Santiago
T-Bone Funk

Jesse Neal may sign autographs at the event.

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