Zema Ion is backstage with Christy Hemme. He seems a little intimidated by the men in the ring against him tonight. He says a lot of people don't see him winning this match, but tonight he's proving it to himself. Zema says he'll be damned if anyone keeps him from getting what he wants. This leads into a quick promo for the Ultimate X match.

- As the construction of the Ultimate X structure continues, JB and Tenay try to kill time, talking about what may be running through the heads of the competitors going into the match tonight.

#1 Contender Ultimate X Match
Alex Shelley vs. Robbie E vs. Shannon Moore vs. Amazing Red

Things break down quickly as soon as the bell rings and Shannon Moore comes out as the dominant party, taking every other competitor out. Moore goes for the corner but Red catches him, stop him and sends him to the outside. Red also stops Shelley in the corner with a big kick to the face. Robbie is climbing the ropes, and he's pulled down by Red and stunned with a huge kick. Red goes for the X, but he's stopped by Shelley. Shelley goes to work on Red's leg, hanging one up in the ropes and hitting a dragon screw leg whip on the other.

Shelley turns his attention to Moore for a bit before hitting a reverse STO sending Robbie face first into the corner. Shelley pulls Moore down in a tree of woe on top of Robbie and hits a dropkick on both men. Shelley goes into the corner and tries to climb the structure but he's stopped by Red. Shelley fights Red off with a couple of elbows to the head. Shelley climbs the ropes hand over hand but Robbie pulls him down and takes him out with a big clothesline. Red hangs Robbie up on the top rope before taking Shelley down to the floor. Red goes for a springboard maneuver but Robbie avoids it, and hits sole food on Red. Robbie goes for a baseball slide on Moore but Moore catches him in the ring apron. Shelley makes his way out as well, but he's taken out with an asai moonsault to the floor. Red is going for the X but Moore comes into the ring and stop him, using him to throw him into Shelley. Moore splashes Shelley in the corner, before Red hits a shooting star press off the back of Moore on to Shelley.

Robbie takes out Red with a huge clothesline and he points up to the X. Robbie goes to the corner and begins climbing the ropes but he's taken down by Red who hits repeated spin kicks to Robbie's chest. Robbie whips Red into the ropes and Red flies over the top with a corkscrew plancha on top of Shelley and Moore.

Robbie goes up again and begins climbing toward the X, but he's caught with a huge missile dropkick to the chest from Red that takes him down to the mat, where he immediately rolls to the outside. Moore begins climbing the structure up to the cables. Moore bypasses the cables, and climbs to the top of the Ultimate X structure. Moore gets to the top of the truss. Shelley is going for the cables but Cookie is holding on to his legs. Red is climbing the cables as well.

Moore is directly above the X, and Red has climbed almost all the way there. Moore stomps Red off of the cables. Moore drops on to the cables. Shelley stomps at Moore and kicks him off. Shelley pulls the X down off of the cables, and drops to the mat to win the match.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the TNA X-Division Championship: Alex Shelley

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